Ateez 'Zero: Fever Epilogue': Release date, concept and all about 'Kingdom' album

We will be getting the OT8 version of the songs that Ateez performed on the survival show 'Kingdom'

                            Ateez 'Zero: Fever Epilogue': Release date, concept and all about 'Kingdom' album
Ateez for the 'The Real' version concept (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

K-pop groups are immensely dedicated to their concept and storylines since their very first album and Ateez is no exception. Their first two years focused on the ‘Treasure’ series which chronicled the fight between them, their ‘Hala Hala’ selves and the masked man. We then got the ‘Zero: Fever’ series, which began with the ‘Inception’ era where they reconcile with their other selves and join to fight the masked man. They even incorporated their storyline during their time on ‘Kingdom’ and now we might get to the end with the epilogue album.

Fans loved that even while on Mnet’s survival show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’, Ateez used their albums’ storyline for the performances. And now we are getting the studio versions of those iconic stages. Atinys were over the moon when it was reported that the ‘Kingdom’ finale song, ‘The Real,’ would be the title track of Ateez’s latest album ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’. And while the first half of the album has new songs, the second half is a walk through memory lane as we get all of the tracks that they performed for the missions on ‘Kingdom’.

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Ateez to release 'Zero: Fever Epilogue'

Ateez is busier than ever this year with their third comeback looming. Atinys were pleasantly surprised when the K-pop group announced that they would be dropping another album just a couple of weeks after ‘Zero: Fever Part.3’. The boys then played on the title of their past releases ‘Inception’ and ‘Deja Vu’ to drop concept photos for ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ that reminded fans of their past comebacks. And Ateez continued to gift fans as they dropped the dreamy music video of ‘Turbulence’ which is the first title track of the album.


Release date

Ateez’s ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ will be released on December 10 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

Where to listen

The album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.



1. ‘Turbulence’ - Title track
2. ‘Be With You’
3. ‘The Letter’
4. ‘Still Here’ (Korean version)
5. ‘Better’ (Korean version)
6. ‘The Real (Heung version)’ - Title track
7. ‘Wave (Overture)’
8. ‘Wonderland (Symphony No.9 From The Wonderland)’
9. ‘Answer (Ode to Joy)’ ft LA POEM
10. ‘Outro: Over the Horizon’

Leader Hongjoong and rapper Mingi have participated in the writing of ‘Turbulence’, ‘The Letter’, ‘Still Here (Korean version)’,’Better (Korean version)’, ‘The Real (Heung version)’, ‘Wave (Overture)’, ‘Wonderland (Symphony No.9 From The Wonderland)’ and ‘Answer (Ode to Joy)’ ft LA POEM. ‘Still Here’ is a Japanese song from Ateez’s second Japanese studio album ‘Into the A to Z’ while ‘Better’ is a Japanese song from their first Japanese EP ‘Treasure EP. Map to Answer’. The boy group had performed tracks 6 to 9 in the survival show ‘Kingdom’. Fans are more excited for them since the 8th member, Mingi, had not been able to participate in the show and perform these songs due to going on a hiatus at that time.

Ateez for the 'Heung' version concept (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)


Ateez has dropped four sets of concept photos. Fans got serious deja vu from the first two titled ‘Turbulence’ as they’re seen wearing blue uniforms in a school that we saw during the ‘Inception’ era. In the next concept photos titled ‘Heung’, the boys are in colorful school outfits like varsity jackets and preppy uniforms with a graduation cap. In the final concept photo titled ‘The Real’, the mood is warm as they sport chic and stylish outfits as they channel their inner bad boys.

Ateez for the 'Heung' version concept (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

Music video teasers

The boys first dropped a music video for the soft and sombre ‘Turbulence’. Ateez also dropped the music video teaser for the second title track ‘The Real (Heung version)'.

Watch the teaser for 'The Real (Heung version)' music video.


Watch the music video for 'Turbulence' below.


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