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‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’: Ateez reveal third comeback 2 months after last

Ateez proves that there is no rest for the mighty as the group announces their third comeback for the year
Ateez gears up to make their third comeback of 2021 with 'Zero: Fever Epilogue' that will be and end of their Fever series (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
Ateez gears up to make their third comeback of 2021 with 'Zero: Fever Epilogue' that will be and end of their Fever series (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

While Atinys wish the idols well, Ateez needs to slow down because fans are close to passing out with so much going in the fandom from a recent comeback to their World Tour being sold out in less than five minutes in 11 international locations as well as Seoul. As overwhelmed as fans are, they are thrilled nevertheless by so much more content Ateez is churning out in the last few months. It seems like Ateez is on a bullet train and there is no stopping the boys as the boys announced their third comeback album for 2021.

The members of Ateez came back together with ‘Zero: Fever Part Three’ as an eight-member group, after Mingi returned from his hiatus following his anxiety flare-up which kept him from promoting with the group since their March 2021 release, ‘Zero: Fever Part Two’. With non-stop promotions for their double title-track album, fans have been grateful for more and more Ateez content. The group last made their comeback with ‘Zero Fever Part Three’ in September of 2021 with their first title track, ‘Deja Vu’, and promoted the song on several music shows. The song, 'Deja Vu' got Ateez music show wins as well as charting success while becoming one of their fastest music videos to reach 10 million views on YouTube following it with their second title track, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ from the same album which was an even bigger success than ‘Deja Vu’ guaranteeing Ateez and organic but steady growth.


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Ateez announces third 2021 comeback

Now that Ateez is slowly rising to the top, members of the groups do not plan on slowing down any soon. The group announced their Ateez announced the news of a high-speed comeback in less than three months of their last comeback. On November 27, Ateez took to their social media accounts to announce their upcoming comeback.

The group will make their third comeback of 2021 with ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ on December 10 this year. The upcoming release will be and end of Ateez’s ‘Zero: Fever’ series that started with ‘Zero: Fever Part One’ in July of 2020 and was followed by ‘Zero: Fever Part Two’. Following the release of these two albums, the group contested with another second, third and fourth generation K-pop groups for the winning title on the survival show, ‘Kingdom’ before making a comeback in September this year.


Ateez rocks the world, 'To the beat'

Just like the their song from 'Zero: Fever Part Two' titled, 'To The Beat', Ateez is set to rock the world to their rhythm with 'Ateez Zero: Fever Epilogue’ (stylized in all caps) with the caption, ‘Upon the new world’ causing a lot of curiosity with regard to the concept Ateez is going to approach this time around. Ateez posted a teaser photo with the announcement which is a lilac-blue sky with eight paper planes floating in toward the logo of the group, ‘Ateez’.

Once the album releases this year, Ateez is also gearing up to meet fans for their 2022 World Tour titled, ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End’ that has already sold out as soon as the tickets were opened for sale in all 12 locations, 11 of them being cities in America and Europe while one of the locations being Seoul, South Korea.