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Ateez to drop 'Turbulence' music video before album release, fans ask to ‘calm down’

Confused fans are making memes as they wonder if Ateez will be dropping two music videos for 'Zero: Fever Epilogue'
Ateez gear up for 'Zero: Fever Epilogue' (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
Ateez gear up for 'Zero: Fever Epilogue' (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

2021 is a busy year for Ateez and Atinys (their fandom). Not only did the K-pop group participate in the fierce survival show ‘Kingdom’, but they have also been having several comebacks, performances and a world tour that fans do not know what to focus on. We first had Ateez dropping a Japanese album followed by the collaborative album with K-pop icon Kim Jong-kook. We then got dual title tracks with the first OT8 comeback of the year and now we are getting another album before the year ends.

Atinys were surprised that just a month after the release of ‘Zero: Fever Part,3’, Ateez announced their next album ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’. Apart from getting ready for new music, Detectivetinys are going wild with fan theories as this seems to be the last album in the ‘Zero: Fever’ series. We also have the boys continuing their high school concept in the teaser photos which is giving everyone deja vu, which is another callback to their previous song ‘Deja Vu’. And while Ateez has started dropping information and teasers of ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ and its supposed title track ‘Turbulence’, fans are confused.

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Ateez to drop ‘Turbulence’ MV days before the album release

From the last couple of days, Ateez has been dropping concept photos where it looks like they are high school students who are finally set to graduate. There have been several references to their ‘Inception’ era with similar locations and outfits. And according to the schedule poster, we are supposed to get the tracklist, concept and music video teasers right up till December 10 before the album drops on December 10 at 6 pm KST. However, with the announcement of the ‘Turbulence’ music video dropping tomorrow that is December 3, Atiny Twitter is in chaos.


It should be noted that in the schedule poster, the space next to December 3 was empty making fans wonder what Ateez would be releasing that day. And with the music video teaser set to drop on December 8, fans think that we are about to get two music videos for this comeback. Some think that ‘Turbulence’ might be a pre-release single since the actual title track’s music video is to be released a week later.

The 'Turbulence' concept (L) and the 'Inception' concept (R) is causing deja vu among fans (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

'This is driving me insane'

With Ateez announcing the release of the ‘Turbulence’ music video much earlier than the album release, confused Atinys ended up trending ‘MV release tomorrow?’ They made memes and posts like, “KQ: btw the ? is MV Release tomorrow Also KQ: there’s gonna be a MV teaser release on 08.12.2021,” “MV release tomorrow but MV teaser this coming 8 and 9? Does this mean 2 MVs?” and “We’re getting the mv tomorrow everything is going so fast it was literally the release of Deja vu yesterday ateez calm down.” One Atiny voiced out all of our sentiments aloud, “I didnt even read it properly, MV RELEASE TOMORROW???” Another added, “The fact that they will release the mv for turbulence tomorrow but there is another mv teasers to be release on the 8th and 9th so turbulence might be a bside track and some are saying it'll be an mv teaser for the real... this is driving me insane?!?!”






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