Ateez ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ teaser gives Atiny's 'Deja Vu', fans say ‘Inception 2.0’

Promising fans a speedy return, Ateez has dropped the concept photo for their upcoming album that has fans comparing it to their ‘Inception’ teaser

                            Ateez ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ teaser gives Atiny's 'Deja Vu', fans say ‘Inception 2.0’
The members of Ateez give fans Deja Vu in their concept photo for 'Turbulence' which is part of their upcoming album, 'Zero: Fever Epilogue' (@ATEEZofficial_Twitter)

All musicians use their art to express themselves and their journeys and Ateez is not any different. Since the boys made a comeback with ‘Zero: Fever Part Three’ in September of 2021 the group is now on their journey to become one of the very few groups to promise a high-speed comeback with their upcoming December album, ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ that will put an end to their ‘Zero: Fever’ series.

Ateez started the promotions of the upcoming album soon after declaring “worldwide domination” after selling out their World Tour tickets in all twelve locations in the USA and Europe including one location in Seoul, South Korea. After promising their popularity, the boy group only has upwards to go and is stopping to appreciate their journey with a callback to their past.


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Ateez 'Turbulence' will be 'Inception 2.0'

Ateez released the song, ‘Inception’ which was part of their 2020 album, ‘Zero: Fever Part 1’ which was the first album in the ‘Zero: Fever’ series. Promoting their album, Ateez released a concept photo with the eight boys dressed in school uniforms sitting in an otherwise empty classroom. In their official teaser released on November 29, the boys, like their hit 2021 single is titled, gave fans ‘Deja Vu’ as they appeared to be dropping an extremely similar concept photo for ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue.’

In the newly released poster, all eight members of Ateez are sitting in the exact same positions as they did in the Inception poster which lead fans to call the teaser, ‘Inception 2.0’ teasing the boys with the lyrics of ‘Deja Vu’ saying, “I know you get Deja Vu.” It is assumed that Ateez will release ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ with the titled track, ‘Turbulence’ as per the concept photo released on their social media accounts while the members present a callback to their past selves as they dressed in school uniforms.


Ateez members give fans Deja Vu

Fans peculiarly also noticed how members Yeosang, Mingi, and Jongho also dressed in skirts over their pants in the teaser photo praising the boys for their empowering outfits. Pre-orders for Ateez’s upcoming album, ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ have started as of November 29, 3 pm KST (1 am ET) while the album will release in a total of three versions.

Ateez channeled a charming concept telling the story of youth wandering in an unknown fever with their ‘Fever’ series and fans are excited to see what the members have in store in terms of callbacks to their past activities with the final album in ‘Zero: Fever’. Meanwhile, Ateez will release ‘Zero: Fever Epilogue’ on December 10 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

These spot the difference games are getting very difficult with Ateez members (@ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

"I know you get Deja Vu"

Fans are now drawing a comparison to ‘Inception’ with the concept photo of ‘Turbulence’ as one fan said, “It has literally become ‘spot the difference’ rooting for inception 2.0 though.” Another fan said, “Wow wow it's a deja vu for a moment I really thought it was inception era pic just pop up at my tk but then checked the time i freaked out it is really inception 2.0.”

One more fan said, “What is going on ??? We are going back to FEVER pt. 1 now. Is this going to be INCEPTION 2.0?” One fan said, “I dont typically like schoolboy concepts but INCEPTION 2.0 letsss go baby.” One fan pointed, “MINGI YEOSANG AND JONGHO IN HALF SKIRTS EVERYBODY PAUSE.” Another said, “And they stay at same place (position). all of this is DEJA VU!” One fan said, “I know you get deja vu.”














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