'To Be or Not to Be': Oneus returns with 'bloody' music video that has K-pop fans asking if the boys are okay

The video features stunning shots from beginning to end but also includes scenes of the members being gunned down and not all K-pop fans could stomach the visual

                            'To Be or Not to Be': Oneus returns with 'bloody' music video that has K-pop fans asking if the boys are okay
'To Be or Not to Be' (RBW)

K-pop group Oneus is making a comeback with the single 'To Be or Not to Be', the first release from their latest album, 'Lived'. Teasers for the release have been generating buzz since last month, with some stunning concept photos and story films all promising an equally stunning music video to go with the group's return. The group also dropped a music video teaser on August 16, a day after shared a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating their new album. Fans also got a short preview of the album via a highlight medley and comments from the members on August 17.

'Lived' is the group's fourth mini-album. The members were revealed to have participated closely in the making of this album, with Ravn co-writing lyrics for all six of its songs, Leedo co-writing four, and Ravn and Seoho working together on the track 'Dizzy'. 'To Be or Not to Be' marks the first comeback from Oneus following their appearance on the show 'Road to Kingdom', and their first release in five months following the single album 'In Its Time' and its title track 'A Song Written Easily'. The Oneus fandom, or 'To Moon' already got #LONG_LIVED_ONEUS in the hour leading up to the album and music video releases, showcasing just how much the group's fans have been awaiting their comeback.


'To Be or Not to Be' dropped to rave reviews, with fans praising everything from the group's shift in sound to their gorgeous vocals and rapping to the stunning visuals and cinematography in the video. "Woah Oneus CB is a bop I like the concept," "THAT TO BE OR NOT TO BE CHORUS PART DROP IS AMAZING," "ONEUS CB SOUNDS SO GOOD [email protected]?!?!? I NEED TO STAN," "AS EXPECTED ANOTHER BOP WTF IT’S SO GOOD."




Some fans were taken aback by some of the members; outfits, or in some cases a certain lack thereof. One fan shared, "IT'S 5AM BUT I SCREAMED SO LOUD," along with stills from the video.


The song and video are both a hit with fans already who are having difficulty coming down from the excitement the track has sparked. As one fan shared, "Imma need approximately 3 working days to recover from that Oneus mv." And if you weren't a To Moon already, you might find yourself slipping into that fandom life like many others. One user shared on Twitter, "ONEUS CB SOUNDS SO GOOD [email protected]?!?!? I NEED TO STAN."



But not everyone was happy with the new video. Particularly, the increasingly violent imagery in Oneus music videos seems to be bothering some viewers. One person asked, "What's with all this gun violence in the new Oneus boys are you okay," while another made sure to add a trigger warning for future viewers, stating, "Cw // blood there's blood in Oneus' mv just a heads up."



The fans may be referring to any number of scenes from the video, including members soaking in tubs of bloody water or coughing up blood, or the entire group being gunned down by masked figures in white outfits.

A still from 'To Be or Not to Be' by Oneus (RBW)

Interestingly enough, the music video starts off seeming like the group is about to take fans on a journey into paradise, with the six members enjoying an outdoor picnic amid what appears to be a garden inspired by Greek architecture. It soon devolves, however, into powerful choreography and some visuals that border on gruesome, with the video ending in a bloodbath. It certainly isn't for the faint of heart, despite how gorgeous the video might be to look at.

Oneus in a still from 'To Be or Not to Be' (RBW)

Check out the video for 'To Be or Not to Be' below, and be sure to heed the warnings of Oneus fans for some violent content.


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