Asian Doll 'NDS Remix': Ivorian Doll's rapping makes fans go gaga, they say ‘she ate the verse’

Hip-hop fans erupted with joy as soon as Asian Doll announced release of 'NDS remix' with four female emcees and Ivorian Doll killed it

                            Asian Doll 'NDS Remix': Ivorian Doll's rapping makes fans go gaga, they say ‘she ate the verse’
Ivorian Doll has been praised for her rapping skills on Asian Doll's album (Photo by Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images/[email protected])

Asian Doll, best known as the ex-flame of late Chicago rapper King Von, finally dropped the remix of her hit single ‘Nunnadet S**t’ also stylized as ‘NDS Remix’ after teasing it for weeks. The ‘Pull Up’ hitmaker, however, did not opt for a solo track as she tapped some of the skilled female emcees like DreamDoll, Ivorian Doll, Rubi Rose, and Dreezy.

Hip-hop fans erupted with joy as soon as Asian Doll announced the release of her fresh single via Twitter. Since a total of five rappers hopped on the track, comparison between them was inevitable.  While Asian Doll was praised for collaborating with the female emcees, it was Ivorian Doll who clearly took the cake. Speaking of all-female collaboration, we recently saw British crooner Normani joining hands with Cardi B for her solo debut single ‘Wild Side’.


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Who is Ivorian Doll?

Ivorian Doll, who got widely praised for her tight verse on Asian Doll’s ‘NDS Remix’ is a German-born English rapper who is also popular as a social media personality. She also goes by the name of IVD. The 23-year-old hip-hop artist kick-started her music career in collaboration with Abigail Asante, releasing singles under the name Abigail x Ivorian Doll. She is best known for her solo single ‘Rumours’.

Talking about the new remix, Ivorian Doll in her verse raps, “None of that smoke, All of this gas 'til a b***h get choked/ Pop your top, ain't spilling no coke/ My (N-word) don't clown, come tell us a joke/ Drop get done, Ain't talkin' 'bout f**kin' a b***h, gettin' poked/ Ain't talkin' 'bout p***y, and she gettin' soaked/ I bury a D-pic, come like a throat, uh/ Not like that, why you cappin' and s***t?" While all the other female emcees dropped their respective verses first, Asian Doll came in at the last and rapped, “All of that talkin' and whoopin' you doin'/ Now you out of breath, gasp for help/ My shooter, he kin to me, soldier step/ Rich than a b***h, ain't belongin' in jail (Uh-huh)/ Be quiet, the murderers talkin' (Shh)/ Sneak dissin' us, never heard about it/ Wrong move, b***h, for certain he got him (Boom)/ Cook a opp b***h like Baskin and Robbin.”




‘IVD MF ate her verse in NDS Remix’

Hip-hop lovers surely got treated with a banger in the form of ‘NDS Remix’. While many praised the song and the female emcees, IVD proved to be a favorite of the majority. One user posted, “Wait hold up the way everybody went & then asian came straight in #ndsremix”  The next one shared, “Asian knew Americans were gonna say “ivd who?” & still put her talented friend on this song cuz she not fake. #NDSRemix”.

Meanwhile, one user tweeted, ““I’m proud of ivd for representing the uk like that on the #NDSRemix get it goodie bag.” One fan added, “Okayyyyy I had to download vpn but THEY ATE. Ivd gurl im so proud of you. @AsianDaBrattt let me give you a hug.” One Ivorian stated, “IVD did her shitttt #NDSRemix she was a good addition!” Another added, “Nunnadat smoke all of this gas till a b!tch get choked ivd ateeeeee #ndsremix” One user posted, “IVD mf ate her verse in #ndsremix one thing about her she understood the assignment.” Whereas, one concluded, “You not like that why you capping n shit IVD is back in this bitch."