Why did Asian Doll feud with JT? Here's why Megan Thee Stallion is being dragged for 'gaslighting'

Why did Asian Doll feud with JT? Here's why Megan Thee Stallion is being dragged for 'gaslighting'
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Hip-hop game can get dirty if the business goes wrong and looks like we have a similar situation here between female rappers Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls and Asian Doll.  The latter had an ugly spat with City Girls member JT on Twitter after Asian Doll went Live on Instagram and addressed the issue of how she was dropped from Megan Thee Stallion’s song ‘Do It on the Tip’ from her debut album ‘Good News’ and the duo City Girls were roped in for the track.

Asian Doll got on Instagram Live and played her missing verse for her followers adding, “I was supposed to do that song. I don't know what happened,” as reported by XXL Magazine. JT apparently took shots at Asian Doll, in now-deleted tweets where fans suspected she spoke about Asian Doll, to which she then said in a deleted tweeted, “Me & Megan still friends idgaf about no song I did in my sleep,” as reported by Complex

According to XXL, JT had posted, “I been doing good but I'ma bout to start laying you attention seeking h**s out & I'm coming with facts” and “Sympathetic ass h**s really starting to grind my gears. Like, if you know you gone draw attention and cause commotion why speak on it? Mind you lying! But go off.” A gossip page, The Neigbhorhood Talk, posted a series of screenshots from the social media beef between the two where we can see how the conversation got ugly. “Get a pretty hit record h**. Buoy got the right one," JT responded to an Asian Doll tweet about her looks. "Like [Asian Doll] let it go. You get on the internet weekly looking for drama to get posted on blogs. You been salty for a while now!!!...City Girls came and put all the dolls to rest. Let's talk about it. 2016 big moon boots wearing irrelevant h**s better find a toy...Looks aint get you nowhere but drop from every record label. Must be dropped on your head to think you can f**k with me. Smoked out ant build b***h lets talk about it.”


Asian Doll did not let go off JT easily as she tweeted, “B***h you literally beefing with yourself @ThegirlJT you use to sing all my song JT since 2016... idk why you so mad & fasho we can meet up ANYWHERE & REALLY FIGHT I’m ready WHENEVER YOU ARE.” She posted another tweet, “This h** losing her mind b***h just talking s**t For what? Who even said some to this hoe just yesterday you wasn’t talking bout me now today you tough.” In another tweet, she added, “YOU ALMOST 30 CHASING UZI AROUND B***H GO TO HELL.” Megan Thee Stallion had also posted a few tweets which she ended up deleting later but in one of the screenshots available, she can be seen taking a neutral approach. She had posted, “I hate this is getting so blown out of proportion. It was never as deep as the comments made it seem.” 





A lot of social media users then stormed Twitter to express their opinion on the matter. One stated, “Megan dropped Asian because she got city girls and knew they were more popular than Asian. they should’ve communicated that to Asian it’s Meg song so she’s has the last say. but don’t have someone make a verse then put someone else on the song. Asian to me skated on the beat.” Another expressed, “The song fire Fire the way it came out. Love you Asian but um....Megan and city girls did it better. Might explain why you’re version didn’t come out.”

One added, “Honestly I doubt Asian played her verse to start some drama as you can see she was just feeling the music vibin she didn’t talk bad about anyone so I don’t understand why Jt even start being shady...” One said, “megan trynna gaslight tf outta asian rn to make her look like she’s overreacting. no bch you took her off the song and she had to find out when the album dropped! own you shxt! i hate manipulative h**s like that, man.” Another added, “Megan minding her business while JT and Asian Doll argue about a song that didn't even go anywhere.”







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