Normani, Cardi B drop steamy ‘Wild Side’ video, fans say ‘we have been absolutely fed’

The former Fifth Harmony member was soon trending on Twitter as the new video became the hot gossip for social media users

                            Normani, Cardi B drop steamy ‘Wild Side’ video, fans say ‘we have been absolutely fed’
Normani and Cardi B in a still from ‘Wild Side’ ([email protected])

After teasing her fans for close to two years, Normani finally treated her loyal fans with fresh music as she tapped hip-hop icon Cardi B for her brand new single called ‘Wild Side’. Now, as the title suggests, the video indeed did justice to the name as both the renowned artists bared it all in the visuals and showed their wild side.

The former Fifth Harmony member was soon trending on Twitter as the new video became the hot gossip for social media users. This might be the first full-fledged collaboration of the singer with Cardi B but let’s not forget the blink and miss appearance Normani made in Cardi B’s chart-topping single ‘WAP’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Normani is best known for her singles like ‘Waves’, ‘Dancing with a Stranger’, and ‘Motivation’, and speaking of fresh music, she may finally begin her album era with this new song.
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Cardi B and Normani's nude 'Wild Side' cover sets Internet on fire



Normani taps Cardi B for her sexy comeback in ‘Wild Side’

In the video, we can first see Normani taking over the song with her amazing choreography. The Tanu Muino directed video sees the young singer rocking a number of stellar looks as she croons in the chorus, “We can't just keep talkin' about it, We think too often about it/ We can't just be cautious about it, I wanna get wild/ Take me for a ride, boy, Show me your wild side, boy/ Know it's been a while, boy, I wanna get wild.”  Cardi B and Normani also soared up the temperature in the video when they get a little close to each other. Cardi B, who is spotted almost naked in the video whilst holding onto the chains, raps, “Put me on my back or my stomach, Baby, let me blow it like a trumpet/ I can do it all, I can prolly suck a watermelon through a straw/ Believe me, every other day, new wig, new hair/ Come take me out this Mugler.”

The song had already created the much-deserving hype after Normani had shared the raunchy cover art for her latest single. Speaking about the song, she said in an official press release, as reported by Billboard, “I had already been in rehearsal for about three weeks preparing for the video when Cardi heard the record for the first time. She really showed up for me and brought this record to life by simply doing what Cardi does best. I love that woman down and I’m forever grateful.” Cardi B had also shared her insight on the song in one of her recent Instagram stories saying, “I feel like this is Normani's big comeback and I want you guys to treat it like it's her birthday. This song and everything is amazing and I am so proud of her. I am just the support team!”  adding, “You guys are gonna see Normani in a different light. Oh my gosh! I am so excited this is amazing.”  






‘We have been absolutely fed bi**h’, reacts Twitter

As soon as the sensuous video of ‘Wild Side’ dropped on the Internet, Normani and Cardi B’s fans rushed to Twitter to share their excitement. One user said, “I still can’t believe Normani did that like what.” Another posted, “Twitter always shows up for Normani and I love that ! She deserves it.” One added, “I’m happy Normani finally dropped a song, but nothing impresses me more than that video.” The next one tweeted, “It was definitely worth the wait baby, i am so so proud of you!”
Meanwhile, another noted, “I'm so proud of you... It was worth the wait. And I would wait for you a lifetime, because I know you only deliver perfection and artwork. I love you, brazil loves you, baby girl.” One individual shared, “The song is soo good. I do feel like Normani didn’t need Cardi’s verse but at least it was alright.” Another user concluded, “Normani and Cardi are giving exactly what needed to be GAVE!!!!! Oh we have been absolutely fed bi**h.”

















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