Asian Doll slams James Charles for calling her tweet about make up 'stupid': 'What a dumba** to be in business'

Queen Von aka Asian Doll had tweeted about how she didn't care for makeup that costs $150

                            Asian Doll slams James Charles for calling her tweet about make up 'stupid': 'What a dumba** to be in business'
James Charles and Asian Doll (Getty Images)

Queen Von aka Asian Doll took to Twitter on Friday, January 15 to air frustrations over makeup cost and wrote, "If you charge over $150 to do a face of makeup you can go to hell respectfully." This tweet is what started a war between fans of James Charles and that of Queen Von because Charles decided to reply to Queen Von's tweet and call it "stupid".

James Charles attends the 2019 Billboard Music Awards (Getty Images)

He replied, "What a stupid tweet 1 foundation can cost $50, artists have to buy EVERY SHADE for their kit, & thats just the first step. Its expensive to work as a MUA. Either pay an artists rate for their time & skill, do it yourself OR get it done at a counter and risk looking busted." As one of his followers noted "the tone wasn’t needed james", he responded to that as well and said, "there’s no tone. i didn’t say SHE was stupid, i said it’s a stupid tweet. if she doesn’t want to pay $150 for makeup, she doesn’t have to, but she also doesn’t need to publicly shame working artists that priced their time and skill at that rate."



It didn't take Queen Von long to shade James Charles and she replied, "What a dumb ass to be in my business replying to something that has absolutely nothing to do with you... im having a debate about HOOD PRICES Baby stay over there in HOLLYWOOD where they having you looking GHOST."


Of course, this resulted in the back and forth shading going viral on Twitter and followers couldn't resist adding on to the drama. One user tweeted, "LMAO PLEASE SHUT UP the nerve for him to opinionate about some that got nun to do with him @jamescharles go work on ya next palate or sum . NEXT CALLERRRR." Another user tweeted, "so let me buy my color foundation & put it on you since a $50 foundation can be used on 50 faces i come from the hood & if someone fw you they gonna pay your prices period. Wouldn’t you want ppl to pay full price for your shows even if you sucked? Gtfo &that go for anything lol."





However, not everyone was of course ready to slam Charles. One user said, "there’s girls in the hood on the inner skirts of my city (not where i live) who charge a fortune for sew ins. their prices aren’t always cheap lol. and when did u say in the original tweet that we talking bout the hood it’s 2021 yall. be positive." Another user added, "nobody likes james annoying ass but he wasn’t wrong “hood prices” should still be like 80+".



Twitter followers have also claimed that Charles should have minded his business despite being in the business of makeup because Asian later noted that she was talking about "Hood Prices". Do you agree?

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