Rapper King Von killed in Atlanta shootout, fans speculate cops shot him while unarmed, here's what happened

Rapper King Von killed in Atlanta shootout, fans speculate cops shot him while unarmed, here's what happened
King Von (Wikimedia Commons)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Rapper Dayvon Daquan Bennett, known professionally as King Von, reportedly died after a violent confrontation outside an Atlanta nightclub that ended in gunfire. TMZ reported that as per law enforcement sources, a deadly shootout broke out in the early morning of Friday, November 6, outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta. Gunfire was reportedly exchanged between two groups of men who were arguing with each other.

TMZ reported that as per unnamed sources, there were off-duty Atlanta police officers working at the club and an on-duty cop patrolling nearby, and that police also opened fire while confronting the gunmen. Reportedly a total of six people were shot, including three who remained at the scene and were transported to the hospital by emergency medical services. Three other people reportedly fled, but also ended up in the hospital. Bennett was not the only person who got killed. Two others died as well but so far, no names have emerged. 

Atlanta police Deputy Chief Timothy Peek told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “That physical altercation escalated into an exchange of gunfire with those groups. Two police officers who were working at that particular club, or lounge, noticed the altercation and engaged some of the people involved. There was an exchange of gunfire with police as well.” He added that investigators believe all six people were involved in the initial dispute. The police also said an additional two suspects were detained at the scene and are likely to face charges.

However, as per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Peek said that because the scene was “pretty chaotic”, police have not determined who fired the fatal rounds. They have called in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate the incident as an officer-involved shooting. As per the report, an initial investigation determined that one of the off-duty officers and the on-duty patrolman had fired shots. “The officers did shoot, but we want to ensure we look at the evidence and be able to prove who did what," Peek said. “That’s why we are dependent on the GBI.”

Ghazi Shami, the CEO and founder of Empire, the label Von was signed to, wrote on Instagram about the death of Bennett. "I woke up to some very horrible news this morning - My heart is heavy. Another young rising star gone too soon. I pray for your family lil bro. May God rest your soul. We were just getting started," he wrote.

His producer, DJ Chopsquad, in a heartfelt Instagram post about Bennet wrote, “My heart can’t take this. No bro. Why you. Why bro. Please just FaceTime me bro. Why they had to take you. Ima see you again this s*** ain’t over. It’s far from over. We still just getting started. RIP my Bestfriend. The only [expletive] to listen to me word for word from day 1. We sat on FaceTime for hours making songs together. Every bar had a meaning and every song was a part of our soul. Every moment meant something and to grow wit you made me feel like I was a real producer. I love you bro @kingvonfrmdao.”

But other fans on Twitter are talking about something else other than just the tragedy. They are talking about police violence. This incident is reportedly the 82nd officer-involved shooting the GBI has been asked to investigate this year. Despite there being no official confirmation on the fact, many seemed to claim that Bennett was killed by police officers while Bennett was unarmed. “Two off duty police officers killed King Von so don’t start that other s*** y’all be on,” wrote a Twitter user. Another fan wrote, “If the cops really shot king von unarmed, he might of just became a political figure. RIP to a legend.” DJ First Class tweeted a voice recording, “Chicago PD Confirms King Von Was Shot & Killed By Atlanta PD.”




Many people shared this particular recording. Though it is unclear what the source is and if it is authentic at all.

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