'BTS vs BTS’: ARMY elated as pure sales of 'Butter' in US exceed other hit 'Dynamite'

 'BTS vs BTS’: ARMY elated as pure sales of 'Butter' in US exceed other hit 'Dynamite'
BTS' Butter replaces Dynamite as the best selling single based on pure sales (@bangtan.official/Facebook)

BTS has been dominating the international charts for a while now. With ‘Dynamite’ BTS’ first-ever all-English track, holding the number 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 for weeks together. BTS has also had a collaborative single, ‘Savage Love’ with international artists, Jawsh 85 and Jason Derulo that peaked at #1. It was then another big achievement for BTS when the title track of their self-produced full-length album, BE, ‘Life Goes On’ a Korean song took the Number 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Even with two of BTS' most recent English releases, Butter and Permission to Dance have both have their chance at the Number 1 spot. Butter charted at Number 1 holding the position for eight weeks straight while Permission to Dance then replaced Butter claiming the Number 1 position.


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BTS is its own competition 

This is not the first time where BTS’ biggest competition was they themselves. BTS has been achieving a great feat on the charts by replacing itself to reach the top. Not only that BTS’ February 2020 release, ‘Map Of The Soul: 7’ was at #1 on Billboard World Albums chart since the third week of July 2021. The spot was taken by BTS’ ‘BE.’ This made fans chant it’s BTS vs BTS. 

On September 3, Billboard announced that BTS’ Butter had replaced BTS’ Dynamite the #1 best-selling single in pure sales in the US. Pure sales constitute album sales based exclusively on Nielsen SoundScan data, i.e. physical and digital album sales. They do not include album-equivalent units derived from streaming and individual track downloads. BTS has now repeated history again and has become their own biggest competition.


ARMY is here for the party

Fans have been extremely particular about the hate directed at them. Fans of BTS are often targeted with accusations that their bot purchases and streaming has manipulated charts. In their interview with BTS, RM was asked about this and ARMYs involved in chart manipulation. Despite receiving an apt answer from BTS’ leader, antis and haters are not willing to give the discussion up. Here is what fans have to say about attacks about manipulation. One fan said, “Purple bots. y'all did good ily. let's manipulate the charts some more.” One fan said, “The fact that haters keep screaming mass buying will not change the fact that Bts always win so cry hard. And I sell bucket and tissue paper too incase any of them need it for their tears.”

Fans started claiming that BTS is the entire music industry saying, Butter by @BTS_twt is the longest running song by a Korean act. And it's surpassed non other than Dynamite by @BTS_twt. Yeah it's BTS vs BTS” and another stated “BTS is the music industry” and “The music industry is bts.” Another fan claimed, “BTS has no competition. BTS vs BTS.” while one just stated, “BTS vs. BTS.”


























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