'American Idol': Dakota Hayden dubbed top 10 material, but fans say ‘he’s not ready’

'American Idol': Dakota Hayden dubbed top 10 material, but fans say ‘he’s not ready’
Dakota Hayden on 'American Idol' 20 (Photo by Instagram@dakotahaydenmusic)

The third episode of ‘American Idol’ Season 20 aired on Sunday, March 13 saw a bunch of new contestants trying their luck to win the coveted golden ticket to Hollywood. One such singer was a 17-year-old crooner from Fordsville, Kentucky named Dakota Hayden. The singer performed his rendition of Luke Combs’ hit single ‘When It Rains It Pours’ and got the judges a bit confused as they wanted him to do the chorus again.
The teen singer without wasting any time got to his job as the judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan asked him to sing again but this time without the guitar as it seemed it was out of tune. Dakota seemed a bit nervous and confused but he made it through the round with flying colors. The judges were convinced he was top 10 material. Lionel dubbed him as “pure country” while Katy said he was raw and young. The trio then handed him over the golden ticket to Hollywood which ended up angering some social media users. Singers Mark Osborne and Dontrell Briggs among others were some of the new contestants on the latest episode who easily sailed through to the next round.
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Social media users logged into Twitter to speak on Dakota’s audition. One of the users stated, “Dakota can’t tune and sang that country song like an 18 wheeler. He’s not ready,” as another chimed in, “Dakota is country, his voice is country and he has a hell of a voice!!!” One user posted, “Dakota Hayden, so Country, fresh face, lotta twang. He’s invested in the lyric and feeling the story. Such a pure tone without guitar.” Meanwhile, one individual tweeted, “It’s a superstar in the making am I right?” One user added, “Dakota, the "cute small town country boy" we always get a few of #AmericanIdol”. Another user got irked after Dakota got the golden ticket saying, “Does #AmericanIdol just give each contestant a ticket to Hollywood? 90% of these people suckkkk at singing. This show is a joke.”















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