'Wtf was that speech about?': 'American Idol' fans slam Katy Perry for warning Elise before advancing her

'Wtf was that speech about?': 'American Idol' fans slam Katy Perry for warning Elise before advancing her
Katy Perry complimented Elise Kristine's performance after warning the aspiring singer (@elisekristine and @americanidol/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'American Idol' Season 21 judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richi were trying hard to eliminate the aspiring singers to find the best 26 among the top 55 hopefuls. However, during the Showstopper rounds, the viewers were treated to some stunning performances and intense drama, especially surrounding Perry.

Frustrated 'American Idol' fans called out the judge for her baffled reaction. Elise Kristine and Olivia Soli serenaded the judges during their Showstopper performances with their soulful voices. While Katy advanced both the contestants to 'America's Vote', the singer warned Elise and Olivia and said, "You never know when you’re going home."


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Elise Kristine and Olivia Soli advance to 'America's Vote'

Elise delivered a stunning performance by singing 'Feeling Good' and Olivia Soli performed 'All By Myself' during the round. 'American Idol' judges loved both contestants' performances. Katy complimented Elise's performance and said, "Don't hide anything don't be afraid to sing the high notes." Katy also compared Elise with Natalie Wood.

Meanwhile, Katy compared Olivia with a "red-headed Ariana Grande." The pop star later added that the judges have decided to let 'America decide' and send both contestants to the Top 26.


Katy Perry warns Elise Kristine 

Elise flaunted her vocal range and amazing whistle note. While Katy liked her performance, she warned Elise, "Don't save your tricks, you never know when you're going home." However, social media was furious with Katy's "fake outs".

'American Idol' viewers shared their reactions in the comment section of Elise's performance. A social media user noted, "Both Elise and Olivia go through! Kinda figured! Of course 2 have gone through before, obviously, when Katy said it's called "American Idol" not "American Idols", again, like I said, even though they've sent two through."


Another person commented, "I think both these girls should be pitted against Katy Perry. Then we’ll see who should be going home." One person said, "Elise and Olivia are better then anything I have heard yet, so wtf was that speech about? “We will let American decide and send you both,” you can’t tell me either we’re in the chopping block."

Meanwhile, other viewers questioned in the live reaction on Reddit, "Did Katy just admonish Elise for saving the whistle note and then compliment her for saving it in the same 20 seconds?" Another user penned, "Someone should tell Katy what a “showstopper” is supposed to be, haha." Another fan chimed in with, "Are the judges incapable of directly telling someone yes???"



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 'American Idol' 2023 fans call out Katy Perry for warning Elise before advancing her