Katy Perry makes Kya Monee cry as she leaves 'American Idol' for second time, viewers say 'y’all trippin'

Katy Perry makes Kya Monee cry as she leaves 'American Idol' for second time, viewers say 'y’all trippin'
'American Idol' fans slam Katy Perry (L) for making Kya (R) cry (ABC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Katy Perry makes 'American Idol' hopefuls cry as she delivers heartbreaking news during the April 10 episode of the ABC show, and viewers are outraged. They turned to social media to criticize the 'Roar' singer's judgment, as well as her manner while dealing with the devastated contestants.

Katy also received a lot of backlash from viewers on the April 9 episode when she toyed with the brains of numerous contestants. The first round of showstopper eliminations took place on Sunday night, and they were equally dramatic as Monday's eliminations. Nutsa was the third singer to audition, and the judges indicated that things were already "rocky" because she "slept through" the duets' phase of the competition. She sang Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary' and the episode then returned to the judges. "We have really appreciated you being in this competition, and we did not put you in the Top 24," Katy stated. As somber background music played, Nutsa began to cry and said, "It's okay." After a long pause, the singer gazed around the stage, wondering if she had anything further to say. "YOU put yourself in that top 24," Katy said. "Nutsa you put yourself in that top 24!" Katy went on, attempting to explain what the perplexed participant had gone through. Katy then recognized her ambiguity, saying, "We didn't put you in there, you did. As confusing as it seems, you're going to the top 24!" Nutsa then contacted her mother to rejoice following the judge's rollercoaster trip. Katy's move startled fans.



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Katy Perry makes Caroline, Mikenley, and Kya cry

Following this week's jaw-dropping performances, 'American Idol' judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan were forced to narrow the participant pool down to their Top 24. Mikenley Brown, Caroline Kole, and Kya Monee were among the contenders. Each lady entered the judge's room separately to find out if they had made it to the Top 24. Despite their separate entrances, America hears their destiny at the same time, owing to some Hollywood editing trickery.

"I appreciate what you did with letting your hair down, showing off a different side," Katy says to Caroline to begin. Caroline revealed in a confessional that she "wanted to get to this point so bad. Getting a yes, getting Top 24 would absolutely change my life."


"It's been amazing to see you grow before our very eyes," Katy says to Mikenley in the following scene. "Even if I don't [go through to the top 24] I'm so proud of what I've just left on stage," Mikenley said.

"I don't think we've ever had a class like this before, and I'm telling you - you were in there," Lionel said to Kya. "What's really challenging," Katy continues, "is we have to send away all kinds of people that are so close." "And as much as I don't want to say this, you're not gonna be in our Top 24," Lionel says.


Caroline sobbed while being cuddled by her mother after being removed from the show. Mikenley was in tears, surrounded by her loving parents. Before she could even leave the room, Kya began weeping in front of the judges.

'Ready for new judges'

Fans of the competition program on social media were dissatisfied with the results of tonight's eliminations, particularly with these three women. One Idol fan wrote, "It’s crazy how much I’ve disagreed with the judges’ decisions this year." Another added, "I'm ready for new judges." One Redditor also wrote, "Excuse me? Trey deserved to go through, idc." Some Mikenley fans said, "WTF they cut Mikenley????" and another added, "Noooo I love Mikenley."


Another fan added, "The decisions they’ve been making last night and tonight are so confusing." Others, however, disagreed with the judges, declaring, "Caroline Kole is ready."  More viewers praised Kya, saying, "Judges y’all trippin! Kya deserved it," and "Gonna be salty for the rest of the episode because Kya didn't get through."







‘American Idol’ Season 21 airs every Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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 Why did Katy Perry make Kya Monee cry on 'American Idol'? Viewers slam judges for poor decision