'American Idol' judges pick Tristen Gressett over Jacob Moran for top 14, fans shocked at 'travesty'

'American Idol' judges pick Tristen Gressett over Jacob Moran for top 14, fans shocked at 'travesty'
Tristen Gressett and Jacob Moran on 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)

The 'American Idol' judges had their task cut out for them when they had to save four contestants amongst the ten contestants who were placed in the 'danger zone' from elimination and put them through to Top 14 round. The judges were spoilt for choice as all the ten contestants did their absolute best to impress them. 

But after some deliberation, the judges decided to save Allegra Miles, Jay Copeland, Mike Parker, and Tristen Gressett while Sage, Cadence Baker, Katyrah Love, Cameron Whitcomb, Elli Rowe, and Jacob Moran had to bid their goodbyes. Though the fans empathized with the judges over having to make such a tough decision, they however weren't pleased with them picking Tristen over Jacob.


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Tristen Gresset in 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)


Many fans felt that Jacob was a far better contender in the singing competition compared to Tristen, who they dubbed as a 'gimmick' for his over-the-top shenanigans onstage. A fan tweeted, "How can you call #AmericanIdol a singing competition when you send supremely talented vocalists like Katyrah Love & Jacob Moran home, but keep clownish performers like Jay Copeland and Tristen Gressett?!" "I would’ve picked Jacob over Tristen. Jacob is a much better singer. Tristen is a gimmick," wrote a fan. "@AmericanIdol sorry but that was a TRAVESTY! Putting Tristen in over Jacob? Not sure what the hell the Judges are doing but they showed total lack of taste!" commented a fan. "Jacob should’ve been saved instead of Tristen!" added a fan.






Jacob Moran on 'American Idol' Season 20 (ABC)


Another fan shared, "Seriously Tristen Gressett is still in over all the great talented singers on #AmericanIdol? Looks rigged to me…." "They shouldve let Tristen go. #AmericanIdol," echied a fan. "Tristen?? Tristen is an entertainer. He is not a good singer," observed a fan.





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