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Amber Heard fans storm Britney Spears' social media after Johnny Depp quote post

Britney Spears shared a quote from Johnny Depp on her Instagram, causing an uproar on social media, as Amber Heard fans stormed the comment section
Britney Spears (C) faced backlash from Amber Heard (L) fans after quoting Johnny Depp (R) 
(Win McNamee/Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, Instagram/@britneyspears)
Britney Spears (C) faced backlash from Amber Heard (L) fans after quoting Johnny Depp (R) (Win McNamee/Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, Instagram/@britneyspears)

Britney Spears sparked quite an uproar on social media after sharing a quote by Johnny Depp, who recently won a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The 40-year-old pop star shared a quote from the actor, 59, on her Instagram on Friday, August 5. “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long," the quote read, with Depp credited at the end. Britney also shared another quote, this time by Victor Hugo. “He who opens a school door closes a prison," it read. 


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While Britney may have had only the best intentions, her Depp quote sparked quite the backlash from supporters of Heard in the comments section.

"Why would you post something said by a wife beater," one wrote.

"Your dad used the Johnny Depp lawsuit against you. Please tell me you see this," another added.

"F*** that wife beating piece of s***," a comment read.

"Why is she praising an abuser," someone else wondered. 

"Girl delete this right now. Google that man mama," another insisted.


However, fans of the Princess of Pop rushed to her defense, with many insisting she can post whatever she wants.

"Justice for Britney and Justice for Johnny Depp ❤️ ignore the bots and Amber stans. They can't see the truth that's put in front of their face," one commented.

"From a long-time fan and a new follower, speak it, Woman!! You live your best life and thank you for standing up and posting what YOU want on YOUR account. The AH trolls are just throwing a tantrum because they can’t brainwash you. Stay strong. You have been strong for so long and now you can live free and speak your mind. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #justiceforbrittney #justiceforjohnnydepp," another wrote.

"All these Amber stans in the comments telling Britney what to do. Don't you think she has had enough people in her life dictating her? If you don't like what she posts, go back to your "queen". But leave Britney alone," someone else added.

"You have every right to post whatever you want. If someone doesn’t like it. They can just unfollow and move on. You are allowed to quote what you want to quote as well," another offered.


This comes as Britney's lawyer revealed in a new court filing that her father, Jamie Spears, was trying to unveil all her confidential medical records to take his “revenge." The pop star’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, argued in a new motion that Jamie, 70, had “sunk to a new low” with yet another “regrettable — and mean-spirited — attempt to bully, harass and intimidate his own daughter,” per Page Six. That said, the 'Make Me' hitmaker also revealed on Tuesday, August 2, that she had initially planned on tying the knot with her husband Sam Asghari in a Catholic church, but wasn't permitted because she wasn't a practicing member.


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Heard was recently spotted having lunch with a friend in Tel Aviv, Israel, months after losing the defamation case against her former actor husband. As per reports, the actress's photo was first posted on Yarden Mainfeld Dizengoff’s Instagram page in which she was seen enjoying food at a cafe near Dizengoff Street on Monday, August 1. Heard was accompanied by Eve Barlow — a music journalist and Zionist — who is also a great friend of the ‘Aquaman’ actress and one of her most vocal supporters. Barlow stood by Heard throughout the multi-million dollar case against Depp and defended her whenever required.