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Metaphysic's AI act dubbed a 'disgrace to AGT' despite judges calling it 'best act' of the series

'How is the AI performance being called the greatest in history? It’s not even close to the greatest That’s a disgrace to #AGT,' declared a fan
Metaphysic on 'AGT' (NBC)
Metaphysic on 'AGT' (NBC)

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Considering how difficult it is to impress 'America's Got Talent' judge Simon Cowell, being called the best act ever on 'AGT' is nothing short of a marvel. So, when the talent-show judge honored Metaphysic's Artifical Intelligence (AI) act with this high-praise, unfortunately, fans didn't agree with him. In fact, fans felt that it was a disgrace to the talent-hunt show to call AI as greatest talent.

After flooring the judges with heir impressive auditions, Chris Ume and Tom Graham of Metaphysic were ready to up the ante for their semi-finals performance. The duo brought out CGI versions of Simon Cowell, Tery Crews, and Howie Mandel, onto the stage and had them singing opera. The judges watched in awe as they saw AI versions of themselves on the stage hitting impossible notes. By the end of their performance, Simon declared that he was in love with the performer (the CGI version of himself). Howie and Terry too chimed in to express their awe over the performance they witnessed.


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You can watch the act here:


While the judges couldn't stop singing praises of the performance, fans however were anything but impressed. Several fans took to Twitter to question if AI performance can even be considered a talent. A fan tweeted, "#AGT Imma be real. I didn’t think Metaphysic was good. I thought it was creepy. Maybe we shouldn’t be having people use ai to puppeteer dead celebrities? Or living ones for that matter?" "I’ll never understand how the judges can be head over heels about that and not like real talent like Bayley! If Metaphysic wins the show I’m done watching. #AGT," wrote a fan. "No offense, but I don’t really get this metaphysic act. Sure the technology is cool, but it’s basically the same performance as last time but in opera & more judges. I don’t think it’s remotely close to the best act of the season. #AGT #AGTLive. #AmericasGotTalent," added a fan. 




Metaphysic on 'AGT' (NBC)
Metaphysic on 'AGT' (NBC)

Another fan shared, "Metaphysic's novelty has WORN OFF - I didn't really get it the 1st time - seeing the real guys singing as the CGI of Simon/Howie/Terry is on a screen above them really just RUINS it for me - their CGI mouths don't move in a natural way #AGT #AmericasGotTalent #AGTQualifier4." "Metaphysic's "performances" feel like free advertising for their product so they can get investors, and it's disappointing @AGT fell for it. #AGT," pointed out a fan. "I don't think using AI is necessarily a talent that I would pay to see...or if it's even a talent honestly. #AGT," expressed a fan. "How is the AI performance being called the greatest in history? It’s not even close to the greatest That’s a disgrace to #AGT," declared a fan.





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