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YG could sue 2NE1 for Coachella reunion, fans impressed at how they handled it

2NE1's reunion at Coachella 2022 was a secret for multiple reasons with one being that CL wanted to surprise fans
UPDATED MAY 10, 2022
YG has stated that they have no plans of taking any legal action (@daraxxi/Instagram)
YG has stated that they have no plans of taking any legal action (@daraxxi/Instagram)

2NE1’s reunion was one of the highlights of Coachella 2022 as the disbanded K-pop group performed 6 years after their last stage. And while they have been known for their surprises like the time they shocked fans at MAMA 2015 by joining CL on her solo stage, this time the Coachella appearance was kept as a surprise for several reasons. Other than to gift fans, it seems that 2NE1 might have had to keep their reunion on the low-down so as not to get in trouble with their former company YG.

YG Entertainment and 2NE1’s relationship can be described as tumultuous at best. While 2NE1 was one of the biggest K-pop girl groups of the 2010s and one of the pioneers of the Hallyu Wave in the West, they were dragged down by their own label. The founder had on several occasions called 2NE1 ugly on their faces and in public. Additionally, they had the most tragic disbandment stories as they were disbanded without being consulted. All of the members found out through social media. And with YG still owning 2NE1’s name, the girls could be sued if they advertised their performance at Coachella.


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Why was 2NE1 secretive about Coachella reunion

While there are many fans out there who are ‘company stans’, some K-pop labels have time and again proved that they do prefer money over their actual artist. Highlight (Beast) and T-ARA took their label to court as their names were being trademarked. HYBE and Source Music have faced backlash for trying to trademark GFriend who shared that they too were disbanded against their will and will not be able to reunite if the trademark application is successful. On the other hand, leader Jay B successfully transferred the copyrights to GOT7, JUS2, JJP, and JB from their old label JYPE to himself.

Well, similarly, 2NE1 knew that they could be taken to court if YG wanted since they need permission to use their name for monetary gain. But as CL had shared, the group wanted to reunite once more before it was too late and so simply did not promote the reunion or mention the name 2NE1. But despite YG owning the rights to 2NE1 and their songs, they surprised everyone by saying, “We have no plans to take legal action,” and that they did not have anything to say regarding the Coachella performance.

‘YG probably made money too’

Fans were surprised as one posted, “Surprising as YG is one of the most strict with their catalog and how they handle copyrighted materials. I guess there’s enough “love” there for the girls to not retaliate with any legal action, but let’s face it, it’s largely because of the backlash they’d get if they did.” Another shared, “I think YG didn't sue because they knew the public backlash would have been swift considering how hated they already are.”


One wondered why YG did not take legal action, “YG probably made money too, by people buying more 2NE1 material following the concert. It's in YG's financial interests to allow the four women to perform. That's a win-win. It helps keep the brand active. As long as YG has no other plans for the brand he should let them perform as much as they want.” One fan clarified, “Based on the article, YG has NO basis to sue. Name 2ne1 was NEVER used to promote Coachella. weren't evn introduced as 2NE1. I doubt girls accepted monetary deals as "2NE1" as they were CLs guests.  No.  YG dint do right this time, they just don't hv basis to step on 'em more..”



One fan was impressed as to how 2NE1 got away with it, “THIS IS SO FUNNY BECAUSE I WAS LITERALLY WONDERING THE ENTIRE TIME HOW THEY GOT AWAY WITH USING THE COPYRIGHTED NAME AND MUSIC WHEN IN TRUTH... THEY DIDN'T DJWFJF.” Another wondered, “Or maybe YG don’t want to cross hairs with Coachella. Bad PR on this might jeopardize any future appearances by YG artists on the biggest music festival in the world…Or maybe Coachella did ask permission in the first place with an NDA that’s why YG can’t say anything specific?”



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