Did 2NE1 disband through social media? Leader CL reveals ‘heartbreaking’ moment

Did 2NE1 disband through social media? Leader CL reveals ‘heartbreaking’ moment
CL talks about 2NE1's disbandment (@chaelincl/Instagram, YG/Naver)

This year really was the best for older-generation fans as we had veteran artists coming back after years of hiatus to release new music. We got the likes of Girls’ Generation, T-ARA, 2AM, 2PM, F.T.Island and more making comebacks. We also got members of disbanded or inactive groups going solo like Highlight’s Yoseop and B.A.P’s Jongup. Well, now iconic girl group, 2NE1’s leader CL finally dropped her very first solo studio album ‘Alpha’.

After a couple of iconic singles like ‘Hello Bitches’ which is still going viral in 2021, CL went all out for her latest release. She first roped in Hollywood’s veteran actor John Malkovich for her pre-release single ‘Spicy’. She also became one of the first female K-pop idols to walk the red carpet and attend the MET Gala in 2021. CL aka Lee Chae-rin has taken the K-pop industry by storm just like her group 2NE1 did back in the early 2010s. But in a recent interview, she confessed what really happened during their disbandment.

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2NE1's disbandment

No one wanted to see 2NE1 disband as they were arguably one of the biggest girl groups of their time. Despite being called the ‘ugly’ group by their own CEO and not releasing the cheery bubblegum pop songs that were the standard, they went against all odds and eventually became one of the artists responsible for the global Hallyu Wave and bringing K-pop to the West. But after their last iconic MAMA stage in 2015, they were on a hiatus of sorts with members Minzy and Park Bom leaving the label. They were however still in the group.

But in 2016, their label, YG Entertainment suddenly reported that 2NE1 had disbanded. Fans all over the world were shocked and it looks like so were the 2NE1 members. Unlike groups who are told of their disbandment before publicizing it, there were rumors that the 2NE1 members themselves didn't know of it and found out through the news. Well, the rumors turned out to be true as revealed by CL.


CL's interview

In an interview on December 15 that has now gone viral, CL revealed that her group’s disbandment was quite odd. An AP Entertainment interviewer shared that they had found out from Minzy that she got to know about the group’s disbandment from the news and asked if it was the same for CL. The former leader surprised everyone by agreeing, “Well, I did too, to be honest.”


CL said that like Minzy, she found out about 2NE1’s disbandment through the news that was circulating on social media. She was at a Thanksgiving dinner and her phone blew up. She shared, “That was very heartbreaking for me.” However, she looked at the bright side as she shared that like all of the former members, she has a lot of freedom now over her solo career and has control over whatever she chooses to do which is exciting. With 2NE1 probably not wanting to disband in the first place, the members have constantly talked about reunions with Park Bom even sharing that something might be in the works.

'What a total loss'

Fans were surprised as they made tweets like, “The company is sick sick. but like cl said she’s looking forward to this new chapter which we, GZBz are too.” Another posted, “CL and MINZY found out on the Media, while DARA is filming a show in the Philippines and Park Bom is in the YG dance practice room. They literally disbanded without further notice.” One fan commented, “As much as I love YG... they were WRONG to disband 2ne1. What a total loss to disband their best GG. 2ne1 was the standard and are so talented.” Another straight up said, “Yg is the devil my god.” One fan posted, “Yeah this is so heartbreaking. 2NE1 deserves better.”






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