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Sameer  Kulkarni

Sameer Kulkarni

Sameer is an Entertainment and Crime writer at Meaww. He covers the breaking news in crime from all over the world and has also written features on Film and TV shows. A Graduate In Journalism, Psychology, and English. He is particularly interested in the deeper analysis of Films and TV shows.

The new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, will now have to live her life by these 10 rules

Meghan Markle may have joined the ranks of the royal family but that doesn't mean she is all set for a leisurely life. Here are some of the rules Markle will now have to follow.
May 23, 2018

Terrifying video footage shows four-year-old boy attacked and bitten by a pit bull

Doctors reported finding many small puncture holes on the child's leg and say that those are minor injuries.
May 23, 2018

Millionaire's 23-year-old son convicted of hacking parents and older brother to death with an axe

After the attack, Henri took about four hours to call the emergency services. He claimed that he did not remember the number and that he had blacked out
May 22, 2018

Video shows two skydivers falling to their deaths after a mid-air collision at 5,000 ft

One of the divers had seemingly died from the impact while the other died a few hours later in the hospital
May 22, 2018

96-year-old D-Day veteran attacked with claw hammer, left for dead

40-year-old Joseph Isaacs who attacked veteran Jim Booth in Somerset in November last year, denies attempting to murder the veteran
May 22, 2018

Indiana teen beat her father to death with a hammer for 'fat-shaming' her

Ameera Stokes' mother said victim Donald Stokes used to often berate his daughter for having a belly
May 21, 2018

NJ school principal apologizes to black students for prom tickets that tell students to 'party like it's 1776'

African-American students and parents were offended by "party like it's 1776" reference on the prom tickets which prompted the principal to apologize
May 21, 2018

Two cyclists attacked by a cougar on a forest trail: One dead and one injured

After surviving the attack, the injured man rode two more miles on his bicycle to get coverage on his phone to call for help. The animal- an 'emaciated' cougar was shot later on.
May 21, 2018

Sick woman arrested after she douses family dog in gasoline and sets it on fire

A family member noticed that the dog appeared to be wet and as soon as she picked the dog up Finley set the dog on fire
May 21, 2018

US Marine stationed in South Korea was told by his wife that their baby had died...she lied!

The truth came out when the couple that took the baby was found speeding and stopped by a highway trooper, who questioned them about the baby
May 18, 2018

When a man called Lyle Stevik was found dead in a Washington hotel room after 9/11, conspiracy theorists went we finally know who he is

The case was solved by DNA Doe Project who identified Lyle Stevik as part Hispanic, part Native American and his family in California was informed.
May 18, 2018

Elderly man mercilessly beats his granddaughter after she stopped him from cutting a line

Forget listening to the little kid, the man feeling 'disrespected' by his granddaughter's insistence on standing in line sent him into a flying rage
May 18, 2018

Philly man pleads guilty to killing four after luring them with weed; accomplice cousin pleads not guilty

21-year-old Cosmo DiNardo was given four life sentences for the murders; his cousin Sean Kratz rejected a plea deal and opted to head for trial
May 18, 2018

LGBTQ students in Oregon harassed and forced to read Bible

The gay and lesbian students are taunted with homophobic slurs, transgender students are pelted with food in the cafeteria and forced to read Bible as punishment
May 17, 2018

The mystery of Scotland's Overtoun 'dog suicide' bridge which has claimed the lives of over 600 pooches

Canine experts say it's mink and animal scent that draws the curious dogs to jump off but some others believe the bridge is haunted
May 17, 2018

Alien invasion? Conspiracy theorists have a field day after video claims to capture shot of unexplained white dots in the sky

Carlos, who filmed the event, confirmed that there was no aircraft before and after spotting some strange activity in the sky. So what are these cotton ball-like dots in the sky?
May 16, 2018

Chinese pilot almost sucked out of cockpit after windshield shatters at 32,000 ft

The plane was immediately landed in 20 minutes and all the 119 passengers and crew were reported safe
May 15, 2018

'Lost' asteroid to whiz past Earth at half moon's distance on Tuesday, here's how you can watch it

Asteroid 2010 WC9 is relatively small in size and is moving at a speed of 46,116 kilometers per hour
May 15, 2018

Distraught father hopes that nanny who murdered his two children 'rots and dies' in prison

The father of the two victims, Kevin Krim, pleaded that Ortega never leaves the prison and called her 'an evil and utterly narcissistic person'
May 15, 2018

Texas woman who repeatedly ran over her cheating husband with her car, is released from prison after 15-year sentence

In 2002, Clara Harris hired a private detective to investigate if her husband David Lynn Harris was having an affair; the same year she killed him by running him over with her car
May 14, 2018