Emma Kenney says 'Roseanne' is much more than just politics

ABC's sitcom is a hot topic with its consistently high ratings, and a Trump-supporting lead character means that it is bound to generate political heat

                            Emma Kenney says 'Roseanne' is much more than just politics
Emma Kenney (Source:Getty Images)

ABC's sitcom Roseanne, which was revived after 21 years, has been at the center of political storm, given how it has been seen as pro-Trump in many quarters.

In fact, the soaring ratings after its broadcast had even US president Donald Trump calling up its creator and star Roseanne Barr to congratulate her.

Emma Kenney, who plays Harris Conner-Healy (Darlene's daughter), spoke to THR  about the political controversy around the show, and said how the sitcom was much more than just politics. 

“The show is all about a family and family differences and how they bond together at the end of the day and end up having a nice family meal. And maybe it’s not so nice, maybe they’re screaming at each other, but it’s all in normal family fun.” she said.

She also added that the cast rarely spoke about politics.

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Kenney, 18, also had a message for the audience of the show, “Something I want the viewers to know is we talk so much about things going on in [the] current day other than politics. There’s a whole lot of different storylines that are going on other than politics.”

The actress said is honored to be a part of the Conner family. She said, "I’m so excited to have been able to join this iconic '90s family and be working with the class acts that have graced the covers of THR before. Just working with that level of talent is just a true blessing and an amazing experience." 

According to Orlando Sentinal, ABC’s revival of Roseanne was placed first in the weekly ratings for the fourth consecutive time.