Nickelodeon all set to revive 90s game show 'Double Dare'

Nickelodeon has ordered a 40-episode revival series, in a bid to find a new set of audience for the show that grabbed many eyeballs in its 1986-1993 run

                            Nickelodeon all set to revive 90s game show 'Double Dare'
Double Dare (Getty Images)

After 18 long years Nickelodeon's popular series 'Double Dare' is back on,

The network has ordered a 40-episode series revival, to bring back the game of young participants answering trivia questions and playing messy games to win cash and prizes.

'Double Dare' first premiered in 1986, the game-series was hugely popular among kids.

The participants answered trivia questions and played messy physical games to win cash and prizes, the favorite was of course the green-slime. The series was listed #29 on TV Guide’s “60 Greatest Game Shows of All Time,” .

The teams are asked to answer trivia questions and failed to do so would lead to them doing some messy physical challenges as a dare by the opponents, some of the challenges were The Sundae Slide”, the “1-Ton Human Hamster Wheel”, and the giant nose-picking “Pick It.”

The show was a remarkable memory from the 90s, now after 18 long years and three spinoffs Nickelodeon has ordered 40-episodes due to be released this summer. This is a new trend to bring old shows back like 'Clarissa Explains it All' with 'Melissa Joan Hart' and two 'Hey Arnold!' TV movies.

About the similarities between the original and yet to air revival, according to THR, Nickelodeon has said that the revival will “feature appearances from blasts from the past, longtime Double Dare fans and stars from today.”

We are doubting on whether or not Marc Summers, 'Double Dare’s' original host during the original 1986-1993 run, will come back as guest or host or at all.

This is the third time that Nickelodeon tried a spin-off/revival of the original, in 1987 as 'Super Sloppy Double Dare' and in 2000 as 'Double Dare 2000'

However, neither of them drew any substantial attention from the viewers. Fox did try expanding the horizon, integrating families instead of just kids with 'Family Double Dare'. The attempt along with Celebrities was a fail.

Revival of old shows for TV has become a trend now with 'Roseannes', 'Full House', 'Will and Grace', and even 'American Idol' coming back for a fresh set of audience.