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Wonho's playful responses to ‘thirst tweets' has Wenees begging for more

Wonho's playful answers to fans' raunchy tweets made the steamy interview format 'wholesome'
Wonho reads some thirst tweets (BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube)
Wonho reads some thirst tweets (BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube)

With idols being quite reserved as the K-pop industry is conservative, no one could have guessed that they would be making appearances on BuzzFeed’s raunchy segment ‘Thirst Tweets’. But quite a few idols — from Jay Park and Jessi to Eric Nam and GOT7’s Jay B — have appeared on this fun promotional series. The latest idol to appear for the segment happens to be none other than Wonho who released his third EP ‘Blue Letter’ last month.

With one of the best bodies in K-pop, fans and non-fans alike have a soft spot for the tender-hearted idol. The all-rounder continues to amaze his fans as Wonho showed a bright and youthful side in his latest music video ‘Blue’.  He brought the same energy to the BuzzFeed video for their 'Thirst Tweet' segment, engaging with playful and flirty responses to fans' racy tweets about his looks and body.


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Wonho reads 'Thirst Tweets' (BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube)

What is BuzzFeed’s ‘Thirst Tweets’?

To make promotional videos like interviews interesting, BuzzFeed has a ‘Celebrities Read Thirst Tweets’ series. In it, artists read and react to thirsty tweets written by their fans. Thirsty tweets are raunchy posts made on Twitter by a user to show their excitement and appreciation for a celebrity and are mostly NSFW (not safe for work). Fans get a kick out of it when their favorites react to it. But instead of getting awkward, Wonho went with the flow, answering in a cheeky and playful manner as he read about fans talking about his abs and butt.

Wonho says, 'I can upload a picture of my butt to Instagram, so you can feel better' (BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube)

Wonho reacts to thirst tweets

The K-pop idol is known for his sweet and caring personality and so Wenees (Wonho’s fandom) were not surprised that he took the steamy interview format and made it wholesome. One of the tweets said, “I just wanna kiss wonho on the forehead and tell him he’s doing amazing work.” To this he responded, “Can you...thank you.” But then immediately in the next tweet that said, “The only guy idols i wanna see do sexy concepts are wonho...and thats it,” Wonho got playful as he said, “Yes, exactly.” His duality was evident as he replied, “If you want I can try,” to a tweet asking him to crush the fan with his thighs. Towards the end of the segment, he also said, “the biggest of all is my love for you all.”

Wonho ends the video on a wholesome note (BuzzFeed Celeb/YouTube)

‘So wholesome’

Wonho trended as fans made tweets like, “Wonho reading filthy thirst tweets is so wholesome,” and “Wonho is really willing to upload booty pics on his instagram if that will really help fans feel better.” Another fan said, “What’s big?” -Wonho,2021. Pls the way he stuttered and went into full on panic mode.” Wenees also found it hilarious that Wonho called them pioneers, “Wonho   The pioneers.”





One posted, “I've seen those 'idols read thirst tweets' before and almost all of them were so awkward and tried to play innocent but of course Wonho was amazing and funny and playful and flirty There will never be anyone else like him!” Fans also found his response to “Wonho’s butt belongs in an international museum” tweet funny as one said, “Wonho can clap back too!” Another shared, “Wonho: I want peace Also Wonho: I will build more muscles and snap this fan in half.”




Fans also found his response to a tootsie pop analogy hilarious as they made tweets like, “*Thirst tweet talks about eating his ass like a tootsie pop* wonho: thank you,” and "Cant believe wonho is encouraging someone to eat his ass." One multi-fan couldn’t help compare his segment with GOT7’s Jay B who was scandalised, “Jay B reading thirst tweets: "Omg is that the f-word?! We should just hold hands or hug or something THIS IS INAPPROPRIATE" Wonho reading thirst tweets: "Snap you in half? Sure, if that's what you want."




Watch Wonho reading fan's 'thirst tweets’ below: