Wonho announces mini-album 'Blue Letter', deletes previous Instagram posts to start afresh

Wonho teases his upcoming album while he possibly archives most of his Instagram posts and videos leaving fans asking why

                            Wonho announces mini-album 'Blue Letter', deletes previous Instagram posts to start afresh
Wonho announces his new mini-album 'Blue Letter' (@official__wonho)

In the year 2020, Wonho broke out as a solo artist after he won a legal battle and had been cleared of all charges after allegations of past drug usage. During the initial phase of the allegations, Wonho had dropped out of the K-Pop group Monsta X as he did not want his past actions to bring down his members. Wonho left the group as well as the company, Starship Entertainment. 

After clearing out all allegations against him, Wonho signed with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of his previous label, Starship Entertainment, and decided to make music as a solo artist. With the beginning of his solo career, Wonho started off with his first mini-album, ‘Love Synonym’ that he released in two parts. 


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Wonho releases the poster for ‘Blue Letter’

On September 4, 2020, Wonho debuted as a solo artist with ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’, and his next album was released on February 26, 2021, with the album title, ‘Love Synonym: Right for Us’. This year around for his second official mini-album, Wonho teased a photo on all his social networks. In the photo, one can see a blue background with post-it notes that have the words “together” “blue” and other small messages.

The title of his new release was written in white font reading ‘Blue Letter’ with the possible dates of release being September of 2021. It is unclear whether this album will follow suit with the previous EPs and be released in two parts also but Wenees are still suspecting it to be like that.


The post-it notes

Wenees got emotional over the poster drop because post-it notes have played a significant role in Wonho’s career. When Wonho decided to leave Monsta X, fans of the group wrote post-it notes and stuck them to the walls of Starship Entertainment’s building. This was done in protest so that Starship would not drop Wonho over false accusations.

Despite their efforts, Wonho had already made the decision to leave Monsta X but what he did not forget was fans’ efforts to bring him back. Post-it notes have been a significant part of Wonho’s previous releases too as he had included small post-it notes as part of the goodies in his albums. Wenees know that because of this emotional connection he shares with his fans, Wonho is set to have a very meaningful and emotional album.


Wonho deletes his Instagram posts

Wonho has been notorious for giving fans updates and photos on Instagram for them to swoon over only to delete or archive them at random intervals. One vexed fan asked Wonho why he kept deleting his older posts on Instagram.

To this, he supposedly responded saying he likes to show a new side of him every time which is why he sporadically archives his posts. But this time, he archived (or maybe even deleted) all of his posts and started fresh for the upcoming comeback. Either way, fans are a little upset with all his posts going away without any prior warning.

Wonho deletes all but 11 of his posts from Instagram. (@iwonhoyou/Instagram)

Fans react to the news

One fan tweeted saying, “Blue, the hints were there all along.” pointing out the hints for the name of the album. Another fan said, “OMG, OMG, OMG. I felt it before about Wonho will announce his comeback schedule today!!! I'm still not believing my sense!!!! Thank you Wonho for making me smile and excited again. I can't wait for Wonho.”

One fan reacted to him deleting all his Instagram posts saying, “WONHO DELETED ALL HIS THIRST TRAPS ON INSTA WHYYYYY?” while another said, “I may be late to this but- wonho deleted his ig posts??” and another said, "Jjust realized that wonho deleted all his old posts. brb crying.”