Monsta X Jooheon tears up as Shownu prepares birthday meal before military enlistment

The meal was prepared by Shownu before leaving for the military and when Jooheon was eating, a video message by Shownu popped up much to his surprise

                            Monsta X Jooheon tears up as Shownu prepares birthday meal before military enlistment
Shownu makes a birthday meal for Jooheon (Monsta X/YouTube, VLive)

Nobody loves Monsta X more than Monsta X and this is evident from how Shownu has been going all out for his group despite being in the military. The leader of the K-pop group has been surprising Monbebes (Monsta X’s fandom) with cute letters and video messages since Day 1 of joining the military. And this time, he has surprised his member Joohoney aka Jooheon who had his birthday on October 6. 

The tender-hearted rapper first celebrated his birthday on the radio show hosted by Kihyun and I.M aka Changkyun. Jooheon was then thrown a surprise birthday party by Hyungwon. The jhagiya (honey) line then went on VLive to celebrate his birthday with Monbebes. But Hyungwon and Kihyun weren't the only members to join the Live. While Jooheon was eating his birthday meal, he suddenly heard a message being played. Turns out, Shownu had recorded a birthday message in advance for his member.


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Shownu makes a birthday meal for Jooheon (Monsta X/YouTube)

Shownu cooks for Jooheon before joining the military

Not only that, the meal that Jooheon was eating while the video message played was extra special. Shownu had made it before leaving for the military. The menu had consisted of all of Jooheon’s favorite dishes -- tonkatsu, mandu (dumplings) and tteokbokki. The birthday boy stopped eating as he realized the one who had made the food was Shownu and teared up as the video message played. He then composed himself saying, “I’m being too sensitive...The fact that Shownu hyung made this, when did he even make it? I’m so thankful...Now it has become a tonkatsu of tears.”

Jooheon tears up while watching Shownu's message (Monsta X/VLive)

Monsta X then released the video message on YouTube for fans. Monbebes also got the footage of Shownu cooking the meal that they found adorable. They too teared up and made tweets like, “Sobss someone edited Shownu's birthday video message and Jooheon's reaction when he watched it during his birthday vlive into one clip. The way Jooheon teared up when Shownu started talking about group activities,” and “Jooheon said he became more sentimental and that although he contacts Shownu hyung often, he feels sad every time he is making a song and there’s a part he thinks Shownu would do well but he can’t.. he said he loves members so much that’s why he was so emotional.”



Watch Shownu’s video message and cooking episode below:


'I'm gonna cry'

Fans also found Shownu’s cooking hilarious, “Shownu wants to start a fight with food!” Another made a reaction meme, “Shownu making these dumplings for joo.” One Monbebe pointed out, “Shownu made the sauce into a heart bc jooheon likes things like that. i'm gonna cry for a year now.” Another shared, “No but the way he stops chewing and looks at the food when he realises it was made by Shownu then puts his fork down before the tears started falling.” One posted, “Showheon who talked all night until they both fell asleep before enlistment day and joo who said that he was already missing shownu just a few hours after he left. shownu who recorded an ep, a greeting and cooked for joo and joo who cried just a few seconds in. i feel broken.” “Shownu really exists. He’s an actual human, walking the same earth…,” shared a Monbebe.







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