Wonho 'Blue Letter': Release date, concept and all about singer's 2nd mini-album

Wonho 'Blue Letter': Release date, concept and all about singer's 2nd mini-album
Wonho in the teaser of the song 'Blue' for his upcoming album, 'Blue Letter' (@official__wonho/Twitter)

Weenees are as ready as they can ever be anticipating Wonho’s new comeback. After his announcement of a new album, ‘Blue Letter’ on August 19, fans were able to see Wonho tell his beloved Wenees a story via his Instagram. After he deleted all his older posts, Wonho started dropping hints that were to do with his upcoming album. Wonho has garnered a lot of attention and generated curiosity amongst fans as they are highly anticipating his comeback.


To tease the release of his album, Wonho dropped the first teaser for his album on September 10. Over the last couple of years, Wonho has tried to build a storyline with his albums. His first solo release, ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’ saw his woes as a lover who was hurt by his significant other while his second album, ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’ saw him finally being able to move on from his heartbreak. Fans are excited for what story Wonho has to show them next.



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Release date

Wonho’s mini-album ‘Blue Letter’ will be released on September 14 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


How to listen

The mini-album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.


1. Intro
2. Blue [Title Track]
3. No Text No Call
4. Come Over Tonight
5. 24/7
6. Stranger
7. Blue (English version)

For this album Wonho has worked on all the songs with other producers and artists like Save House Gang, Enan individually from Savage House Gang, Brother Su has helped write the lyrics for the title track, ‘Blue’. Sun Ahn and Oshimaxx also worked on a few songs from this album.  




To promote this album, Wonho released three sets of concept images. Each image told a story of its own. Wonho shared his first set of Blue Letter concept photos on September 2. Two out of the four images are black and white photos that show him wearing a white shirt and laying down in a field. Another picture shows him in a yellow suit as he stands on the beach. The final photo has Wonho getting ready to play tennis.



For the second set of his concept photos, Wonho shared another set of four pictures on September 4. Two out of the four pictures are close-up shots of him facing the camera with a small fishbowl in front of him. One thing to note about these photos is that there isn't any fish in the bowl. The next photo is Wonho in a wetsuit as he sits by the beach and is hit by the waves. The final photo in this set is Wonho wearing a black shirt with colorful flowers as his hands are coated in blue-colored wax.



The third set of concept photos was again a set of four photos Wonho shared on his social media accounts on September 6. Two out of four pictures are close-up shots of Wonho looking at the camera as he wears a white t-shirt in one and is seen taking it off in the other. The next image is him inside of what seems like a cupboard section while it has blue-colored helium balloons. The final photo is Wonho holding a transparent umbrella while he wears white pants and an open bathrobe showing his chiseled abs.




In the teaser, the first clip shows Wonho walking into a locker room as he is wearing a baby blue jersey. The lockers are blue and he has shoulder pads under the jersey which suggests he is either playing soccer, lacrosse or he may be a goalkeeper. He looks like the typical American jock who has his sports clique walk behind him as he enters the High School cafeteria while he has people looking at him and talking about his many achievements that are printed in the local newspaper.


The teaser shows Wonho lonely at a party among many people. Fans can also see a rugby match, watch the team huddle up before Wonho gives them a pep talk, and see him walk out of the locker room.

Watch the first teaser for ‘Blue’ below:



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 Wonho 'Blue Letter': Release date, concept and all you need to know about his second mini-album