Wonho is back: Former Monsta X singer announces solo album, jubilant fans say 'he's coming to save K-pop'

The former Monsta X star had parted ways with the popular boy band due to the controversy surrounding his alleged drug usage in the past, but he was recently cleared of those false allegations

                            Wonho is back: Former Monsta X singer announces solo album, jubilant fans say 'he's coming to save K-pop'
Wonho of Monsta X (Getty Images)

K-pop star Wonho, who was formerly a member of the Monsta X boy band, has recently revealed that he will be releasing a solo album in the coming months, with industry insiders saying that it's expected to drop after August . This comes after the singer was cleared of all charges leveled against him regarding drug usage in the past and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency gave him a clean chit after a thorough investigation. Although the singer had parted ways with Monsta X due to the controversy and drama surrounding him, his path to solo stardom is now clear and primed for success on all fronts. 

Wonho of Monsta X performs onstage during the Daytime Stage at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival (Getty Images)

It was only recently announced that Lee aka Shin Ho-seok, who uses Wonho as his stage name, would be launching his own solo career. A source from his agency Highline Entertainment recently shared the news with News1 on July 22 (KST), saying “Wonho is currently working on his solo debut album. Please look forward to it.” Although the source added that a specific time had not been decided for the album's release date, it is understood from other industry insiders that the album will be dropping after late-August, so that's merely a month down the line. Besides being a part of Highline Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment, Wonho had also signed with the American label Maverick Management in May this year, a sign of his impending international breakthrough as a solo artist.  

As soon as jubilant K-pop fans heard the exciting news, the hashtag "Wonho Is Coming" started trending worldwide, as fans began to joyfully welcome the Korean singer with open arms.


One fan tweeted, "A whole album full of songs written, composed & produced by Wonho! Are you ready for this?!" Another emotional fan declared, "Even the thought of a whole song with Wonho and Wonho's voice only is already making me melt, dude imagine a whole ass album??? It will end me. #WONHOISCOMING @official__wonho."

A Wonho supporter also stated, "Wonho debuting so fast right after his innocence was proven is the biggest f*** you to everyone who did him wrong HES SO SEXY FOR THIS."

One fan noted, "I cannot wait for Wonho to debut and have his songs at the top of the charts #WonhoIsComing."

Another thrilled K-pop fan exclaimed, "I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself until then, the excitement is way too real! @official__wonho

As another fan concluded, "Wonho coming back to save kpop as he should #WonhoIsComing."

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