Wonho reveals first lightstick, fans love that there are colored lights for each letter

Wonho released his first solo lightstick and fans love every detail of it

                            Wonho reveals first lightstick, fans love that there are colored lights for each letter
June 29 was the first anniversary for Wenees. Wonho celebrated the anniversary by getting his fans a present -- his solo lightstick (Wonho's Instagram)

It is no secret that fans were gutted over the departure of Wonho from the 7-member K-pop group Monsta X back in 2019. However, the pain was brief when Wonho came back in full force and debuted as a solo artist in the second half of 2020. He signed under Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Monsta X’s label, Starship Entertainment. As any solo idol, he got the works, from the fandom name, ‘Wenees’ to a fan-chant, and now the latest addition, an official lightstick.

The lightstick culture was first started by none other than the legendary K-pop group, BIGBANG when G-Dragon designed the very first lightstick back in 2006. Since then, lightsticks have been an integral part of the K-pop industry. It acts as an identification of the group as well as plays into an integral part of the music, that is concerts. Like rave lights and torches used in Western concerts, K-pop introduced their very own stylized torch that fans could use to hype the artists during concerts. And finally, Wonho too got his very own lightstick. But there is one aspect of the lightstick that stood out for fans.

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Wonho’s lightstick design

June 29 was the first anniversary for Wenees as that’s the day Wonho revealed the name of his fandom. He went all out during the V Live as he celebrated the anniversary by getting his fans a present. There had been much talk about what Wonho’s lightstick would look like. Many joked that it could either be a rabbit, his designated animal, a ramen bowl since it was his favorite dish, or even a dumbbell since he loved to work out. Fans were eager to know about the design since Wonho happens to be artistically very involved in music as well as official merch. In fact, he was the one who designed Monsta X’s lightstick, the Mondoongie.

Wenees were not disappointed by the design for Wonho's lightstick. It's a silvery lightstick that is made up of six hexagon shapes joined together to form a six-pointed star as an ode to his fans. In the song, 'WENEED', which is made for his fans, he refers to his relationship with his fans as "stars in the night sky." But the design he chose was surprising for some as Monbebes noticed how much his and Monsta X’s lightstick matched. Some thought that the star in the lightstick could hint at the Moondongie or the six members from Monsta X.

One fan saw how pretty the lightstick looked when it was switched on and simply tweeted, "very pretty." Another noticed how innovative the lightstick was, "So you're telling me WONHO'S LIGHTSTICK CAN LIGHT UP TO DIFFERENT COLORS EACH LETTERS????" Another excited Wenee tweeted, "FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONHO'S LIGHTSTICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"




One social media user pointed out, “Theres a hole because mondoongie has a star inside.. wenee bong is THE missing peace to mondoongie now.” Another tweeted, “Wonho's lightstick is MONSTA X, he was the center that's why the middle has a hole, the spot will be empty till he's not back.” Many found it endearing, “Lmao wonho’s lightstick look like 6 mondoongie next to each other.”




Judging by all the attention Wonho's lightstick received, a Wonho fan page tweeted, "[INFO]  Just posting this because some misinformation is being spread around Wonho said during his live today that he did not design the lightstick, his team did."


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