DISORDER IN THE COURT: Randy couple caught having sex in court THREE TIMES

DISORDER IN THE COURT: Randy couple caught having sex in court THREE TIMES
Shameka Julie Leeding and her boyfriend Jake James Quinn had sex in court in late June (Facebook/ Shameka Leeding and Jake Quinn)

An Australian pair reportedly could not control themselves from having sex in public while at court. The 19-year-old Shameka Julie Leeding from Queensland and her 20-year-old boyfriend Jake James Quinn had their share of fun, not once but thrice, inside the court premises and their sex acts were caught on CCTV.

According to reports, on June 28, Leeding had to appear before a judge at Toowoomba Magistrates Court for an unrelated case. She was accompanied by Quinn for support. But before she turned up in front of the judge, she and Quinn decided to have a three "quickies". Police prosecutor Cameron Francis explained that the couple initially started kissing “vigorously” while they were in the eastern end of the courthouse public waiting area at 9:40 am in the morning.


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The surveillance video showed them quickly going from first to fourth base. It has been said that the young woman was seen gathering up her skirt before sitting on Quinn’s lap and moving up and down. Francis said, “The security officer left the area, and Quinn then exposed his penis again and Leeding adjusted his penis under her skirt, she then sat on his lap, facing away and again started moving up and down on his lap, appearing to again engage in sexual intercourse.” He added: “For a third time the couple were approached, again by security, and Leeding quickly stood up and held her arms out in an attempt to block the view of the security guard while Quinn attempted to cover himself up.”

Defending the two, Solicitor Nathan Bouchier said their acts “weren't planned” and the young man had no idea that public sex was illegal in Queensland and perpetrators can be jailed for 2 years. LADbible reported that Bouchier claimed Quinn is searching for "full-time employment with two upcoming job interviews after previously completed a construction traineeship. Leeding's solicitor Ryan McCullough suggested one explanation for the incident was due to an "exuberance of youth". McCullough said the couple’s "stupid and inappropriate mistake" was a hard learnt lesson in what constitutes appropriate behaviour in public spaces.

Magistrate Clare Kelly deemed their actions as “outrageous behaviour,” slamming Leeding and Quinn. “In a disrespectful manner you've taken into the public arena a very private act,” she told them. Later, on July 22, the duo pled guilty to doing the "indecent act in any place to which the public are permitted access" and both were awarded 60 hours community service each.

The bizzare incident has attracted a lot of reactions online with a user saying, “Erection your honour!” The second user wrote, “Judge said ‘It wasn't a bad effort, but you could've juggled the balls a bit more, 2 YEARS’ 🔨💥.” The third one tweeted: “Surprised they didnt give an Onlyfans link.” “Only a judge can use their hammer in court, gotta earn that privilege,” the fourth one stated.






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A person shared, “fair play, a beacon of inspiration for all of our kind.” Another one said, “Now the lovely couple can finish each other’s sentences.”



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