Couple have SEX in broad daylight in public fountain, leave passersby 'traumatized'

A middle aged couple was photographed having sex in a a city centre fountain in broad daylight in Perth's Yagan Square

                            Couple have SEX in broad daylight in public fountain, leave passersby 'traumatized'
Couple having sex in city center fountain in Perth, Australia (Facebook)

A middle-aged couple stunned shoppers in Perth after they people realized that the duo was having sex in broad daylight in Yagan Square, Perth. The woman was allegedly wearing a bathing suit and was photographed with a man who had a large tattoo on his shoulder and back. According to witnesses, the couple simply jumped into the pool and started having sex.

Some passersby took pictures of the couple after getting over their initial shock of witnessing such an occurrence in public. The photos were shared all across social media. One particular Facebook user posted the photo with the caption,  "Those of you who were having a feed at Yagan Square today and witnessed this, please note there are support services available to help you process such trauma."


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Pedestrians often walk through Yagan Square in the Perth, Australia (Paul Kane/Getty Images)

The post gathered a lot of comments from users all over, none of whom took the matter too seriously. People mostly joked about the very odd incident and even suggested reasons why the couple possibly came up with such a bizzarre idea. "It’s a little odd, but I wouldn’t be offended. Motels are over rated and over priced," a comment under the post read. 

Couple in Perth were spotted having sex in a city center fountain (Facebook)


Another user said, "And none come with a water feature as good as this. Happy Days." One person declared that he sees no problem in it as long as the people involved are wearing their masks.  "As long as they were wearing their masks, I see no problem here," the comment read. One person even said: "This needs Sir David Attenborough to have a voice-over."

Despite the jovial atmosphere in the comments section of the post, a few users addressed that such behaviour violates Covid safety protocols and might actually help in spreading the disease. However, most people did not see much of a fuss to make about the situation. The unidentified couple seem to have done the deed without getting any public indecency charges slapped on them but have become 'Internet famous,' thanks to their public sex act.

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