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Winner's Hoony 'pressing charges' for drug rumors has fans impressed at immediate action

A conversation of Knetz discussing whether Winner does drugs with fourth-gen girl groups had fans angry
Hoony shuts down drug use rumors (@maetamong/Instagram)
Hoony shuts down drug use rumors (@maetamong/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: With South Korea being extremely strict when it comes to drugs as evident with an actor getting arrested for using antidepressants, trolls try to use it to target K-pop idols. There have been several idols whose reputations were ruined due to fake rumors about drug use. Well, Winner's Hoony aka Seunghoon is not having it and decided to immediately shut down rumors surrounding his K-pop group.

On September 29, a fan brought to Hoony's notice that there was a viral post on the Korean gossip chat forum that the members of Winner do drugs. The fan sent a screenshot of a conversation between some Knetz as they said there are some female idols who always talk about drugs and that from their Instagram story it felt like more people were involved. Then another Knetz brought in Winner as they said, "I feel like it has to be the 4 people of Winner."


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Winner's Hoony squashes drug use rumor

The Winner fan shared the screenshot on Weverse and captioned it as, "There's someone who posted this on their IG post. There are some people in communities who are going around saying that this is Winner. Before this issue blows up, I hope YG can address this issue by taking strong actions. Also, I hope the members can directly refute these claims directly too. Fentanyl is especially monstrous as a drug because it makes your teeth fall and ruins your face. Meanwhile, all 4 members of Winner are all so handsome. Why would they mix that nonsense with you guys?"

'Sue them all'

Hoony simply responded, "Pressing charges." Knetz were impressed as the K-pop idol responded himself in a straightforward manner. One wrote, "Thanks to Lee Seunghoon refuting this himself, he also indirectly cleared the rumors of the girl group in the 4th generation supposedly doing drugs, he's freaking refreshing." Another commented, "I really hope he sues them for real, Winner is speaking kindly about it but I f*cking hate seeing this."

One Knetz added, "Winner must've been f*cking dumbfoundedㅋㅋ They just ripped the Akaraka stage and randomly gets into drugs accusations." One fan shared, "Sue them all." Another fan added, "Craziest sentence ive read today." One called out Winner's label, "DO YOUR JOB. PROTECT YOUR ARTIST @ygent_official." Another tweeted, "Here again, Seunghoon is the one do what YGE should do."





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