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Will Winner's Seunghoon's ‘spark' comment ruin TikTok collabs? Angry fans say 'tone deaf'

Fans were happy that idols of opposite genders were finally interacting by collaborating for dance trends on TikTok and Instagram
UPDATED AUG 23, 2022
Fans had initially loved Seunghoon's TikTok and Instagram collabs (@yg_winnercity/Twitter, @maetamong/Instagram)
Fans had initially loved Seunghoon's TikTok and Instagram collabs (@yg_winnercity/Twitter, @maetamong/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Fans were first excited when Winner’s Hoon aka Seunghoon came back from the military and immediately went viral on TikTok and Instagram for his funny and dancing videos. Not only did he get Blackpink’s Lisa and the other Winner members to join him, but many fans also started looking forward to his TikToks. Unfortunately, his latest comment about such collabs has fans angry. Recently, Dingo’s ‘Iseul Live’ roped in Winner for their live sessions where the group got drunk.

Fans love the YouTube series as the concept of the show is to get idols drunk. We got some iconic moments from 2PM chaotically singing ‘Hands Up’ to everyone being mesmerized by Chungha’s live vocals. Well, Dingo brought back the series with a season 2 with Winner who sang ‘Everyday’ and ‘I Love U’. At one point, Seungyoon aka Yoon shared that the new trend of getting other idols to join a TikTok trend while on music shows was weird. Seunghoon, who had been dubbed a certified TikToker, ended up saying, “The way I'm seeing it is that the challenges are just a pretext, but while doing the [challenges] I feel like there is a spark.”

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Winner’s Seunghoon jokes about feeling a spark

When Mino jokingly asked if Seunghoon had felt a spark, he admitted it. With the rest of Winner asking who was the idol that he felt a spark with, Seunghoon replied, “I don't know if I'm the only one who thought like that…I felt a spark with a few people.” Jinwoo ended the discussion by teasing him, “With a man?” Fans commended him for his tact as they made comments like, “Kim Jinwoo's [mind] working 10 miles an hour,” “Kim Jinwoo saved him by ending this. What an inflated ego,” and “Kim Jinwoo's tact is fast. Lee Seunghoon should watch after his mouth.” 


Viewers also noticed that Jinwoo had been holding his arm and gesturing for him to stop. But many fans feel like the damage is done and Seunghoon’s words will be brought back every time idols of opposite genders do a TikTok collab going forward. With toxic fans making up a majority of K-pop fandoms, dating is considered taboo and dating scandals crop up even if idols of opposite genders have the slightest of interactions.

But the TikTok collabs and dance trends had finally allowed fans to loosen up as it seemed like a fun and harmless type of content that idols of opposite genders could take part in. However, users are now making comments like, “This isn't just a Winner issue, now whenever male-female idols will do challenges together, the trolls will take Winners' comment and talk about the animal kingdom and spread rumors like that.”

'Ruined everything'

K-pop fans are also claiming that now they feel awkward with Winner doing TikTok trends with female acts like Lisa, Sunmi, Viviz, aespa and STAYC, many of whose girls are minors. Another wrote, “Because of his careless remark, all the female idols who did a challenge with him will get into all sorts of rumors.” One shared, “Nowadays, female idols are all f*cking young so who would even... with a 30 y.o.. Isn't his ego way too overinflated?” One Knetz posted, “Now that I'm getting reminded that he did a challenge with my bias, I'm a bit annoyed.”

Another tweeted, “Winner show up at music shows once every century so it wouldn’t affect them that much, but what about the younger idols who have to come to music shows every quarter and need those challenges to get their songs known? He just made it weird for them to literally do their job.” One fan said, “Tone deaf considering it's always the 30 year olds chasing after rookies.”



Another shared, “Fr. N his comment is honestly creepy considering how female idols these days especially the most active ones r all so young. He even did a challenge with STAYC n I don’t even wanna know if this uncle felt “sparks” there. I just hope this creep doesn’t do any challenges with young groups like IVE n NewJeans not only is it gross but he’ll barely get any flack while the female idols will get so much scrutinising n hate.” One disappointed comment read, “Just when we're finally starting to get cute interactions between 4 gen idols, he came and ruined everything.” Another added, “This musty man f**kin' ruined everything. Idols going back to their caves now.”




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