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Why did a Korean fan tweet old photos of Winner Seungyoon with a girl on debut anniversary?

K-pop Twitter thinks the fan was trying to create a scandal by posting month-old photos on Winner's 8th debut anniversary
Winner's Seungyoon and Moon Jihyo allegedly spotted together (Winner/YouTube, @seungyoonnaekko/Twitter)
Winner's Seungyoon and Moon Jihyo allegedly spotted together (Winner/YouTube, @seungyoonnaekko/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Looks like Winner’s Yoon aka Seungyoon is the next K-pop idol to be swept up in dating rumors. Lately, there have been several rumors of idols dating from Red Velvet’s Irene and EXO’s Suho to NCT’s Haechan and Itzy’s Ryujin being linked together. And on the same day when Ryujin was allegedly spotted near Haechan’s home, a Winner fan uploaded two photographs which they claimed were of Seungyoon and a girl. On August 17, while fans were celebrating Winner’s 8th debut anniversary, the posts were uploaded on Twitter.

Dating is considered taboo in South Korea as toxic fans feel like they have been betrayed by their idol. They end up sending hate and dropping the idol. Well, similarly there were mixed reactions. Knetizens and some Winner fans swore at Seungyoon’s audacity of going on a date in broad daylight while fans were celebrating his group’s debut anniversary. Korean chat forums like Pann were filled with hate comments left by Knetz. But after some digging, Seungyoon's fans claim that the photos were old and actually taken before August 17.

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Winner’s Seungyoon seen with a girl

The fan who had posted the two photos tweeted it as “Telling the story of how I came out for a walk and spotted my bias on a date…” and added Winner's debut anniversary hashtags. The couple in the photo is seen wearing matching blue outfits, holding hands and wearing masks. Since the photo was taken in the same area as YG’s building, the label of Winner and the fan account being that of Seungyoon, many think that it is him in the photos. Other sleuthing fans think that the girl in the photo is rookie actress Moon Jihyo who is also under YG and had acted in Seungyoon’s music video ‘Born To Love You’.


With YG also releasing a vague statement where they didn’t deny the rumor but instead shared it was difficult to confirm, the Internet is further confident that at least the man in the photo is Winner’s Seungyoon. Well, in line with typical trolling culture, Knetz left comments like, “But imagine your bias going around holding hands not in the middle of the night, but instead in broad daylight, I'd feel odd,” and “But isn't going around holding hands in broad daylight too excessive?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're not really dating in 'secret'.” However, Winner fans who claim that the photos are old feel it was released on the debut anniversary to get a negative response.

'If it's true I am more than happy'

However, everyone is congratulating him if it happens to be true. With there being a running joke that Winner's Jinwoo would be the first to get into a dating scandal and that Seungyoon was too much of a loser to get a girl, fans are amused with the rumor. A fan made a reaction meme, “Yoonits after calling seungyoon b*tchless loser for years.” One fan wrote, “Seungyoon was a source of constant happiness when the world was bleak (and until now) so yes he deserves to be happy and I’m really glad he is 🤍🤍🤍 keep being happy.”



One joked, “Seungyoon seeing all of us calling him b*tchless multiple times a day:.” Another wondered, “So apparently the pictures were taken from months ago but purposely posted only today (+ they use anniversary hashtag it’s so sus). Don’t bother tho, as a WINNER and Kang Seungyoon fan, I’m genuinely happy for him. I hope he is treated and loved well. Go get some boy!” Another was proud that actual fans did not have a negative reaction, “Hmm kinda sus. but whatevs they think ics will make a fuss about it when in fact kics probably knew it months ago and stay mum.  And all gic that I see are rejoicing like we won a lottery.”




With the couple in the photo wearing Winner’s fan color, one commented, “And it's nebula blue 😭😭😭 when you love your girlfriend and your group at the same time.” But one fan was sad that the news was leaked on the debut anniversary, “I know... if it's true I am more than happy for him... but the way we know it kinda off, like why it is have to be this way.”

There were also some Knetz who left comments like, “He can date anyone, why are you guys angry?? How many years has it been since he debuted,” and “Isn’t Kang Seungyoon already 30 years old..? Leave him alone.” Another user wrote, “Ah so the person shared this on the group's anniversary. To do it on an anniversary is seriously so tone deaf. He's an adult so he knows what he's doing so just leave him alone. I wish them a pretty relationship.”



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