Will Sehun make a solo debut before EXO's OT9 album drops? Maknae hints a full group comeback

Will Sehun make a solo debut before EXO's OT9 album drops? Maknae hints a full group comeback
Fans wonder if EXO's full group comeback with nine members will release soon after Sehun drops hints (@oohsehun/Instagram; SM Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: If there is one thing that EXO-Ls (fans of EXO) have dearly been looking forward to is for the boy group to make a comeback after the end of their military era. With two out of the nine members currently in the military and two other remaining members yet to enlist, the aspiratons of fans to see the whole boy group promote together for a longer period of time is impossible at the moment.

However. there is a leeway that could work in the benefit of fans and that has many stans hopeful for a full group comeback from EXO. After EXO's leader Suho stated that the boy group could possibly be making a comeback, Chinese member Lay also hinted at an OT9 comeback from the SM Entertainment boy group raising the expectations of fans. Now, following the hints from Suho and Lay, Sehun, the maknae of EXO, is causing more chaos in the EXO fandom as he makes a promise to fans hinting at a full-grouo comeback from the boy group.


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EXO Sehun teases an OT9 comeback

With EXO rapper Park Chanyeol soon returning from the military on September 29, the only remaining member of the boy group to be enlisted in the military at the moment is Baekhyun. With Baekyun's discharge date being as late as February of 2023, some fans pointed out that it would be time for Kai and Sehun to enlist. With the possibility of all members of EXO completing their enlistment onyl by 2024, fans have started losing hope for a new comeback from them. But it looks like Sehun's words have fans manifesting a new EXO comeback. On September 26, Sehun attended the press conference for Xiumin's new solo debut album, 'Brand New', as the host.

At the event, when the press asked the two EXO members when the boy group will be coming back for a full-group comeback. To this, Xiumin responded by saying that he is eager to perform on stage meanwhile Sehun, just like EXO-Ls manifested a group comeback, saying, "A full-group comeback is not only a possibility, but it could also even happen soon!" Leaving the possibility of a comeback to chance, fans now wonder if Sehun meant that the active members of EXO will be making a comeback or that the maknae rapper was taking about his own solo debut that fans are extremely excited about.


'King of Spoilers, Trust Sehun'

Fans are sure that EXO's comeback is inevitable after not one but three members of the boy group teased full-group comeback. One fan said, "YIXING REPOSTING OH SEHUN IG STORY AND SAYING "Let’s perform together on stage in the future” OT9 COMEBACK!!!!!" One more fan said, "Chanyeol is almost back Baekhyun will be back in February and we know that exo's comeback is scheduled in first quater of 2023 and Kai and Sehun are nowhere to be enlisted as of now. This means we might get an ot9 comeback in 2023." Another fan said, "EXO OT9 COMEBACK. SOLOIST XIUMIN WITH MC SEHUN!"

One fan said, "Sehun: I think EXO's activities will be coming soon, that's my personal thinking Xiumin: Let's move forward together as soon as possible. EXO OT9 COMEBACK. SOLOIST XIUMIN WITH MC SEHUN!" Another fan said, "Sehun saying he thinks exo activities will return soon he is confirming the comeback ot9 wake up exol." One an manifested, "Chanyeol will be discharge from military, Xiumin solo, Lay comeback, D. O and sehun Drama and winwin in korea mahhh Finally." Another fan said, "Is it possible if we can get any comeback from sehun before he enter the military???" One more fan said, "Oh Sehun, the King of spoiler! trust him when he says the comeback is soon, there will be a comeback soon."









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