Will Jimin never rejoin AOA? FNC Entertainment announces end of her contract with label

After the former member of AOA, Shin Ji-min was accused of bullying Kwon Min-ah, she announced the end of her Entertainment career

                            Will Jimin never rejoin AOA? FNC Entertainment announces end of her contract with label
FNC Entertainment announces the end of contract with Jimin, who was formerly a member of AOA (@jiminbaby_18/Instagram)

While the accusations from Kwon Min-ah which stated that former leader of AOA, Shin Ji-min (Jimin) had bullied her for a long time have not yet been proved, fans have a new sad update from AOA’s label, FNC Entertainment. As of January 13, the girl group AOA’s label FNC Entertainment announced that Jimin’s contract with them had officially ended as of January 12, 2022.

FNC Entertainment also released the official statement from Jimin who had announced her retirement from the Korean Entertainment Industry as of July 2020. Ever since Jimin was accused by former bandmate, Mina (Kwon Min-ah) of bullying her for a long time before Min-ah finally decided that she would leave AOA as of the year 2019. Kwon Min-ah accused Jimin of bullying her to an extent that Min-ah became so mentally unstable as to end her own life.


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AOA Jimin addresses the end of her contract

In her official statement that was released by her now-former label, FNC Entertainment, they told fans of AOA that Jimin's official contract with them had ended as of the year 2022 after nine long years. In the statement, FNC Entertainment said, “The term of our exclusive contract with our former artist Jimin has ended.” They also added, “We would like to express our gratitude to Jimin, who has been active as a singer under our company for the past 9 years.”

Jimin signed her official contract with FNC Entertainment in the year 2012 after she made her debut with the girl group AOA. Jimin had been working as the rapper and the leader of AOA since their debut. Back in the year 2020, Jimin decided to depart from the group AOA after her intense conflict with former member Kwon Min-ah. Now, two years since the incident, Jimin is finally free of her contract with the label.


Will Jimin ever join AOA again?

Fans are extremely curious about Jimin’s future in the industry after she formally retired from the industry. FNC Entertainment’s statement mentioned that despite Jimin not being a member of the label or AOA, fans of the former idol should look forward to her future activities. While there is no certainty about Jimin’s future activities, fans are hoping that the idol makes a comeback with the group or makes her solo debut now that Kwon Min-ah’s lies have been exposed on Twitter.

Two years since Jimin went on a hiatus following accusations from Kwon Min-ah, she finally posted an Instagram update as of January 8 on the occasion of her 31st birthday. In the Instagram post, Jimin released a single titled, ‘Suddenly’ with her pseudonym Dodo. Listen to the new song by Shin Jimin here.

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