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Dowoon 'Suddenly': Drummer and maknae of DAY6 to go solo after Young K

With Sungjin in the military and Young K enlisting soon, DAY6 is focusing on their solo careers at the moment
Dowoon with his pet dog Tory for 'Suddenly' (@day6official/Twitter)
Dowoon with his pet dog Tory for 'Suddenly' (@day6official/Twitter)

With the third-gen band gradually reaching the enlistment age to serve in the military, the DAY6 members are going solo. While Jae has been releasing mixtape tracks, collabs and having other solo ventures he hasn’t had a solo debut in K-pop yet. Young K was the first bandmate to have an official solo debut with the album ‘Eternal’ that he released on September 6. And now, the drummer and maknae (youngest) of the band, Dowoon is going solo.

DAY6 first came back in the first half of 2021 after which the sub-unit Even Of Day, which also includes Dowoon released their second EP in July. And now, the drummer is the second member to have a solo debut and is set to release his first digital single, ‘Suddenly’. DAY6 first teased Dowoon’s single on September 16 with a doodle of Dowoon listening to music while holding his pet dog. And on September 22, they released concept images and details about the song. 


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Dowoon's concept photo for 'Suddenly' (@day6official/Twitter)

Dowoon goes solo with 'Suddenly'

Dowoon’s first digital single ‘Suddenly’ is a duet with Song Heejin. She is an idol, a songwriter and producer and had first debuted with the girl group Good Day. This is why, along with Dowoon, she has written the lyrics for the song. The two have also participated in the composition of the single. She has also lent her voice for the background vocals while Dowoon has played the drums. His agency shared, "Dowoon melted the worries and thoughts he felt in his daily life for his first solo song. Reflecting on the past and present, he calmly wrote his own story."

The single will be released on September 27 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET) on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more. The digital single consists of two tracks, ‘Suddenly’, and its instrumental version. The music video set to be released is an animation video. To tease the single, we’ve got the first set of concept images where Dowoon is enjoying solitary with his pet Tory, eating watermelon and listening to music.

Dowoon's concept photo for 'Suddenly' (@day6official/Twitter)

It should be noted that unlike the usual K-pop groups with dancers and singers, DAY6 is more like the traditional bands seen in the West. Each member plays an instrument as they sing and perform without any choreography. This is why fans are happy to see Dowoon as a singer as he mostly focuses on the drums for the group comebacks with very few lines sung usually in the chorus.

'Singer Yoon Dowoon is here'

Excited fans made posts like, “Being a myday is just asking jae to step on you in the mornings, vibing with young k in the afternoons, screaming bc dowoon's suddenly dropping shit, missing wonpil every day and crying everytime someone mentions sungjin on the tl-.” “Singer yoon dowoon is here,” and “DRUMMER DOWOON. SINGER DOWOON. LYRICIST DOWOON. COMPOSER DOWOON. I'M SO PROUD OF DOWOON!” “Tory in dowoon's lap will always be my favorite thing in this world,” said another fan.