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Is Chansung retiring? 2PM star announces marriage and fiancee’s pregnancy

Fans wonder if Chansung will be leaving 2PM since he plans to leave JYPE in January 2022
UPDATED DEC 15, 2021
2PM's Chansung announces marriage and fiancee's pregnancy (@hwang_chan222/Instagram)
2PM's Chansung announces marriage and fiancee's pregnancy (@hwang_chan222/Instagram)

With our favorite K-pop idols getting older, they are bound to start making families of their own. In the last few months, we have had the likes of iKON’s Bobby, EXO’s Chen, and BIGBANG’s Taeyang announcing marriage and kids. And while dating during the peak of their careers is usually a sensitive subject due to obsessive fans, everyone comes together to congratulate K-pop idols who are entering the next phase in their life. And the latest idol to announce marriage and pregnancy happens to be none other than Chansung from 2PM.

On December 15, the 2PM star wrote a handwritten letter and posted it on his Instagram to announce the news to fans. Chansung shared that he had been in a relationship for a very long time. He had been planning on a new life and marriage ever since he had been discharged from the military. He shared, “The blessing of a new life came to us earlier than expected, and we are planning to get married as early as the beginning of next year.”

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Chansung announces marriage and pregnancy

However, the second half of his letter left some of the fans a bit confused as they wonder if he would be retiring. Chansung added that his contract with his label JYPE was coming to an end in January 2022. The 2PM star has been with the label for 15 years. After a thorough discussion, he has decided to leave JYPE. Chansung wrote, “I went through much discussion with the company regarding my thought to go down my own path along with the addition of my new family that I will continue life with…The decision was made through communication with my future as the priority, and the company willingly wished for my bright future.”


Letter ends with 2PM’s Chansung

Chansung ended the letter by saying, “I will work hard as I am right now in the near future in order to impress as 2PM’s youngest member Chansung and actor Hwang Chansung. Thank you.” It looks like he will not be leaving 2PM. Hwang Chansung is an idol and an actor under JYPE. Following the reunion album with 2PM, he is currently playing one of the lead characters in the ongoing K-drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’. It should also be noted that another 2PM member, Taecyeon is not under JYPE. Well, whether Chansung retires from the industry or not in the future, fans are wishing him the best.

One fan shared, “I already knew this time will come but still i’m getting emo, 2pm are my 1st bg ult…but i’m so happy for Chansungie….now who’s next.? JunK, Taecyeon , Nickhun, Wooyoung, Junho.?” Another joked that the idol babies announced in 2021 could get together in the future, “Maybe all these babies that born this year gonna be in one group in the future lol.” Another fan shared, “Congratulations Chansung.. happy for u . Wow finnaly 2pm will have 2pm junior.”




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