Why is 'RHONY' Season 13 Episode 8 not airing tonight? Here's what to expect on its return

Instead of the familiar faces of the housewives, you will be greeted by Andy Cohen and the cast of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht'

                            Why is 'RHONY' Season 13 Episode 8 not airing tonight? Here's what to expect on its return
The cast of 'RHONY' Season 13 (Bravo)

Things are gradually heating up on 'Real Housewives of New York City' between Eboni Williams and Ramona Singer. So, if you tuned in on June 22 with the hopes of watching the Big Apple housewives bicker amongst themselves and throw lavish parties, then you might be in for a disappointment. 

Instead of the familiar faces of the housewives — Ramona, Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Eboni and Leah McSweeney — you will be greeted by 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen and the cast of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht'. So, in case you're wondering why your favorite 'RHONY' isn't airing and when it will return, then we got you covered. Read on to know all about it.


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Why is 'RHONY' not airing this week?

'RHONY' has gone on a one-week break.  According to the press release shared by Bravo, the upcoming reunion features the Parsifal III crew sitting down with Cohen for 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' Reunion Part Two. Gary explains his feelings for Alli, Sydney tells Alli why she hasn’t reached out to apologize and Dani makes a stunning reveal. 

What to expect when 'RHONY' returns?

Episode 8 of 'RHONY' Season 13 will air on Tuesday, June 29. The episode titled 'A Harlem Night' will feature Ramona's new friend Bershan Shaw making her much-awaited debut as a friend of housewives. The episode's summary reads, "Eboni hosts the ladies for an educational night in Harlem where Ramona introduces the group to her friend Bershan. Luann bonds with her daughter over their sobriety while Leah stresses over her daughter's upcoming high school experience. And, over cocktails at Ramona's apartment, Eboni and Ramona's friendship gets put to the test."

The previous episode ended with Eboni learning that Ramona might be using her to create a facade of not being a racist in the public's eye. The new housewife was annoyed and upset for being so gullible and trusting of Ramona. It looks like Eboni will be getting her payback on the upcoming episode. In the teaser released by the network, we see Eboni questioning Ramona about her views on the American political scene in the wake of the Presidential elections. 

'RHONY' star Ramona Singer (Bravo)


The OG housewife tries her best to deflect the topic by stating that she doesn't want to discuss politics with her friends and instead just wants to have a good time. But Eboni continues to discuss politics much to Ramona's annoyance and points out how a woman might be appointed as the vice president of the country for the first time. Eboni was expecting a very excited and enthusiastic response from Ramona at the prospect of seeing a woman occupy such a senior position, but instead, she was faced with Ramona getting annoyed and snapping at her for insisting on discussing politics. Ramona tells Eboni that she just wants to escape from politics and everything else happening in the country. Eboni, in response, points out how Ramona has the privilege to escape but she doesn't have the same privilege.

The OG housewife tries to convince Eboni that she too can avoid getting dragged into politics. We sense a bubbling feud between the two ladies. In a previous episode, Eboni called out Ramona for her 'white fragility', we wonder what the housewife will say to Ramona this time around. Aside from political discussions, the upcoming episode will also feature Bershan being introduced to the group. The new friend wastes no time in quickly integrating herself among the ladies by discussing their all-time favorite topic- penis. We can't wait to see how Ramona feels about her close friend discussing penises in public. The 'Ageless by Ramona' founder was furious with her co-star Leah for discussing penis and sex at the dinner table., so we wonder if Bershan will elicit the same response from the housewife. We will just have to watch the upcoming episode to get our answers.

You can watch the preview clip of the upcoming episode here



'Real Housewives of New York City' Season 13 Episode 8 returns on June 29, at 9/8c only on Bravo.