'Below Deck' Finale: Glenn's drug search goes awry, fans say Billy hid his stash and should have been tested

Glenn went through Billy's luggage but wasn't able to find any drugs

                            'Below Deck' Finale: Glenn's drug search goes awry, fans say Billy hid his stash and should have been tested
Glenn Shephard (Bravo)

Bravo's 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' returned this week with its finale episode and it was explosive to say the least. It began with a drug investigation and ended with heartbreaks and goodbyes. 

Previously, Captain Glenn Shephard was informed by his crew members — Jenna MacGillivray and Chris Miller — that they had spotted white powder under Billy's (one of the charter guests) nose. Based on their observations, Glenn had a chat with the guests and expressed an interest in searching their belongings, to which Billy readily agreed while he said: "I have got nothing to hide bro." Glenn rummaged through his luggage as Madison Stalker watched. It was already a stressful situation, which got out of hand when Glenn didn't find drugs on Billy. It put off Billy and his friends on vacation. Minutes later, Billy walked up to Glenn and confronted him for conducting the search. He made it a point to let Glenn know that he was offended. 

Sure, it's humiliating to be accused of something one hasn't done but Glenn's hands are pretty tied here because that's the protocol — any suspicion would lead to a search. And being caught in possession of drugs on the boat have serious legal implications. The yacht could be confiscated and Glenn could lose his license. So, there was a lot at stake and it would only be foolish of Glenn if he ignored Jenna and Chris' accounts. 

Meanwhile, fans think Glenn didn't find drugs on Billy because he had already snorted all of it or hid it somewhere it couldn't be found. "I think he already snorted them so Glenn would only find out if he did a drug test," a fan commented. Another shared: "We know damn well that they hid those drugs elsewhere. They wouldn’t stash them in luggage since interior goes in. They were put somewhere in that room though. That guest was snorting something at dinner the night prior. He lyin!! #BelowDeckSailing." 

One more said, "For someone who’s claiming not to have drugs on board, Billy is acting a lot like someone who may have drugs on board #BelowDeckSailing #BelowDeckSailingYacht," a viewer expressed. "The captain may not have found any drugs, but that doesn’t mean the dude wasn’t using. His behavior speaks for itself.#BelowDeckSailing." Another user tweeted, "Billy claiming he's so offended and has no drugs on board... BECAUSE HE SNORTED THEM ALL #belowdecksailing."

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