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Why did Alexis Christina leave 'Ex on the Beach'? Fans slam Ray for 'playing' her

The recently aired episode of 'Ex on the beach' featured Ray attempting to portray Alexis as one of his desperate exes
UPDATED JUN 10, 2022
Ray Gantt and his ex Alexis Christina on 'Ex on the Beach' (MTV)
Ray Gantt and his ex Alexis Christina on 'Ex on the Beach' (MTV)

'Ex on the Beach' fans are beginning to grow tired of watching Ray Gantt and his manipulative mind games against his exes on the MTV show. After gaslighting his 'Love Island' girlfriend Caro Vie by hiding the truth about his previous relationships, and kicking his other ex Nicole Amelia off the show for forming a stronger connection with someone else on the dating show, Ray continued his hot streak of treating his exes poorly while dealing with his third and final ex on the show- Alexis Christina. 

Alexis revealed that Ray was reportedly still dating her when he appeared on 'Love Island'. She explained how he always wanted to be on a TV show, so she had no choice but to permit him to go on the dating show, Though Ray promised Alexis that he wouldn't cheat on her, he ended up getting very close to Caro on the show. After leaving the dating show, Alexis and he got into an explosive argument and broke things off. While Ray happily moved on with his life, Alexis found herself still thinking about Ray and getting the closure she needed. Thanks to Ray's poor treatment of her on 'Ex on the Beach', Alexis finally got her closure from him and she decided to leave the show.


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The recently aired episode of the MTV show featured Ray attempting to portray Alexis as one of his desperate exes. Alexis snuffed out his attempts by revealing that they had phone sex before coming on the show, which left her feeling that he was still interested in her. When Ray tried to downplay it and accuse Alexis of discussing about their relationship with everybody, she turned on him and decided that she was done with him. 

After watching how things went down between the duo, several fans took to Twitter to slam Ray. A fan tweeted, "Ray wanted Alexis to "fight for him" but even if she did he would have went anyways!! At this point, just let him GO!! Alexis, girl you don't need Ray's clarification to know what the hell he's doing!! You know he's playing you!! So stop letting him!! #ExOnTheBeach." "Ray is just another guy who should never be in a relationship till he understands what it means to be in one. That’s so inappropriate to have a conversation in front of everyone rather than talking to Alexis privately #exonthebeach," wrote a fan. Another fan commented, "I hope and pray Alexis is serious about cutting Ray out of her life for good!! This guy plays way to many games and there have been too many women in this house falling for it!! Ladies, please!! Do better!! Because you know he won't!! #exonthebeach." "Ray wrong for leading Alexis on & then drop her like a hot potato smh Ray should never let us think Alexis is a crazy girl clearly she not after hearing the whole story / well that’s good they moving on. #ExOnTheBeach," added a fan.






Fans also praised Alexis for her decision to leave the show without Ray and declared that she deserved someone better than him. A fan shared, "Alexis deserves nothing but love and devotion from her future next #ExOnTheBeach." "I hope alexis sees how much better she deserves #ExOnTheBeach," echoed a fan. "Alexis is gorgeous and seems like a sweetheart. She deserves the best #exonthebeach," expressed a fan. "I'm sad to see Alexis go but so happy that she gets to move on #ExOnTheBeach," observed a fan.





'Ex on the Beach' airs every Thursday at 8/7c on MTV.

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