'Ex on the Beach' Season 5 Full Cast List: Meet the hot singles and their former lovers

'Ex on the Beach' Season 5 Full Cast List: Meet the hot singles and their former lovers
'Ex on the beach' Season 5 stars Arisce Wanzer, Bryce Hirschberg, and Da'Vonne Rogers (MTV)

Sometimes moving on after a break-up can be really challenging. So MTV decided to help out the broken-hearted exes by helping them with either rekindling their relationship or executing that stone-cold revenge plan they have been plotting since the split, on its reality dating show 'Ex on the Beach'.

As the hit MTV show is all set to return with its much-awaited Season 5, we wanted to take a look at the singles and the exes who will be featured on the show. From the cast of 'Love Island' to 'Big Brother', the showrunners have pulled out all stops to put together a very interesting ensemble. Read on to know more.


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Derynn Paige and her ex Rickey Rogers

You might recognize Derynn from her stint on 'Double Shot at Love'. While the cat-loving Jersey beauty failed to win Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D's hearts, she however did manage to woo another man- Ricky Rogers. Rickey met Derynn at a club while she was filming for 'Double Shot at Love'. The couple immediately got into a long-distance relationship, but unfortunately, things didn't work out between them, when Rickey broke an important rule of their open relationship. So, get ready to watch Derynn's ex Rickey make an attempt to woo her back. 




Ray Gantt and his exes Nicole Amelia, Caro Viee, Alexis Christina

While 'Love Island' fans watched Ray and his girlfriend Caro get their "happily-ever-after" on the CBS reality show, unfortunately, things fizzled out between the duo. Nine months into their relationship, the couple decided to call it quits leaving Caro with a tattoo of Ray and a broken heart. But the reality star is ready to woo Ray again. But Caro isn't the only one ready to rekindle her romance with the charming orthodontist. Ray's best friend Nicole Amelia too will be trying to win him over. Even though Nicole and Ray never dated officially, that isn't deterring her from pursuing her college friend and showing him that she's the one for him. Ray's other ex Alexis Christina too will be making an appearance on the show to get him back. So will Ray get back with one of his exes, or find a new love, or decide to leave the show by himself? Only time will tell.




Da'Vonne Rogers and her ex Jamar Lee

'Big Brother' and 'The Challenge' star Da'Vonne spent the past few years trying to build her career and raising her daughter, but now she's ready to settle down with the man of her dreams. Luckily for her, her ex and fellow 'Big Brother' star Jamar Lee is ready to prove to her that he's the one. But will Jamar be able to keep his eyes only on Da'Vonne or will he once again get swayed by the other ladies? We can't wait to see how things pan out between the duo.


Bryce Hirschberg and his ex Nicole O'Brien

Who can forget the steamy chemistry between the 'Too Hot to Handle' stars. While Bryce and Nicole struggled to keep their hands to themselves and couldn't get enough of each other on the Netflix dating show, unfortunately, once the cameras stopped rolling, their love bubble exploded as well. Bryce and Nicole struggled to make their long-distance relationship work, so they had no choice but to walk away. Despite their split Nicole hasn't entirely given up on Bruce yet, so get ready to watch her try to win back her ex-lover.




David Barta and his ex Dani Coco

Fitness queen and 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' alum Dani met her fitness king, David, when they were both working as personal trainers. The relationship was going strong until David checked into 'Paradise Hotel', although Dani is hopeful David has matured since checking out. Will she be smart about choosing to sprint her way back into David's arms, or will she be swimming laps back on the beach?





Kyra Green and her ex Emily Salch

When Emily and Kyra first met on 'Love Island', their connection was undeniable. but both the ladies left the show separately. After their respective romances failed, Emily and Kyra once again found their way back to each other and have been inseparable ever since. Their relationship was always hot and heavy but never went very deep. Will loving, flirtatious Emily be ready to show Kyra she's serious about taking their relationship to a more profound level?





Arisce Wanzer and her ex Mike Mulderrig

Mike caught trans supermodel Arisce's attention at a pool party with his over-the-top personality but was quickly friend-zoned. As time passed, they got much cozier, secretly taking their relationship to the next level, but when monogamy came into question, they had very different views. Will Mike be able to rekindle their poolside spark, or will he fizzle out back into the ocean solo?



Jonathan Troncoso and his ex Joelle Brian

After meeting on a popular dating app, Joelle and 'World of Dance' star Jonathan have had a lot of ups and downs over the span of their relationship. Communication and trust have been their problems, especially after one of them kept their dating app active while already being together for nine months. Is Joelle ready to fully commit to Jonathan and prove to him they have more performances together, or will this be their last dance?




Ranin Karim and her ex Elias

From marrying the love of his life- Ranin, to being divorced only two years later, Elias wasn't always the most mature, and his immaturity definitely showed in his whirlwind relationship with his ex-wife. Nonetheless, the two remained friends until a recent blowup that ended their friendship for good. The past is all behind him now, though, and Elias is ready to prove he wants to keep Ranin in his life once and for all.




Alain Lorenzo and his ex Sher 

 Things were going seemingly perfect between 'Love Island' star Sher and her beau Alain until he suddenly decided to break up with her out of the blue. But Sher isn't ready to give up just yet, she wants to give their relationship one last shot, so she's headed to the beach to work things out with Alain.





Minh Ly Nguyen-Cao

Minh Ly normally is the sweetest woman you could meet, but when it comes to Jamar, she has one thing on her mind and one thing only: payback. Minh Ly was smitten when she met Jamar on 'Big Brother Canada' but was shocked to find out there was a lot Jamar was hiding from her. You can kiss the sweet woman goodbye because Minh Ly is ready to air out all of Jamar's dirty little secrets.



Kat Dunn

A 'Big Brother' alum known for her energetic over-the-top personality and tactical scheming ways, Kat quickly caught Ricky's eye. What started out as a social media relationship turned into a long-distance romance, but absence did not make their hearts grow fonder. Now, Kat is more than ready to bring the fun back into their relationship. Will she succeed, or will she be one-and-Dunn?



'Ex on the beach' Season 5 premieres on Thursday, March 31 at 8/7c on MTV. Following the premiere, you can catch a new episode every Thursday at 8/7c on MTV. 

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