‘Love Island’ Season1: Ray’s mom brings up Caro’s steamy sexual escapades, slams her for 'flitting from boy to boy'

The islanders of reality dating show 'Love Island' met each other's families. Ray's mother had a lot of concerns about her son's new girlfriend.

                            ‘Love Island’ Season1: Ray’s mom brings up Caro’s steamy sexual escapades, slams her for 'flitting from boy to boy'

With the finale of ‘Love Island’ in less than a day, the islanders are being tested in every manner to gauge if their relationship will stand the test of the real world. From handling crying babies to meeting parents the final couple is being put to the ultimate test.

In episode 21 of ‘Love Island’, the couples had a chance to meet each other's families. While almost all the couples had full support and approval from their parents with regards to who they are coupled up with in the show, one couple had some difficulty. Ray and Caro had a bit of trouble in getting the approval from Ray’s parents, especially his mother.

If you haven’t watched the episode and are wondering what caused Ray’s mother to have reservations about Caro, then it’s her “flitting about from boy-to boy” in the villa. Ray’s mother expresses her concerns to Caro that she was all over the place before Ray entered the villa but didn’t really calm down even after she found Ray. While she was still with Ray, Caro found herself attracted to the Asian stud, Anthon. This immediately raised red flags in the books of Mamma Ray. Caro had nothing to say for herself, so Ray mentions to his mother that they both had decided to keep their options open. His mother’s response to that had the internet having a field day. She responded snarkily that Caro had all her options open. Later in the confessional, an emotional Caro expresses feeling hurt about the way his mother feels about her and she also reveals that she regrets the entire Anthon situation.



Fans are divided over Ray’s mother’s attitude towards Caro. While some feel that it’s just her being protective about her son, others feel that she was very disrespectful towards Caro. A fan wrote, “Ray’s mama is a real black mama. She doesn’t play about her son #LoveIslandUSA”. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Ray’s mom is giving Scary Spice the "hurt my baby and you die" look #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA”. Other fans who felt that her behavior wasn’t the best wrote, “I actually feel for Caro. Her family couldn't make it and then she was getting shamed by Ray's mom. Ray is still awesome though and he and Caro are adorable. Caro's come such a long way and deserves to be with Ray. 💖 #loveislandusa”. Several fans called out Ray’s mother for shaming Caro. A fan tweeted, “I understand that Ray's mom is protective, but she didn't need to shame Caro like that.  #loveislandusa”.

Do you feel that Ray’s mother judging Caro over her past was appropriate? Let us know. You can watch 'Love Island' on CBS and CBS All Access weekdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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