Why is Namkoong Min's 'One Dollar Lawyer' a hit? K-drama crosses 12% in global viewership ratings

Why is Namkoong Min's 'One Dollar Lawyer' a hit? K-drama crosses 12% in global viewership ratings
Namkoong Min and Kim Jieun starrer 'One Dollar Lawyer' (stills from One Dollar Man, SBS)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: In the world of K-drama, many shows grab the attention of the viewers and become a nationwide sensation. Becoming a fan favorite does not require too long and the shows begin topping the charts almost in the initial weeks of their release. 'Business Proposal' and 'Squid Games' are two of the many to achieve this feat. Namkoong Min's 'One Dollar Lawyer' is a brand new addition to this list. The legal drama has officially garnered an average viewership rating of 12.9% globally after the release of its third episode. This is not all, as the eccentric comedy series recorded a double-digit rating on both regional and international viewership. 

SBS's latest K-drama finds Namkoong Min in the lead in the role of a legal hero Chun Ji-hoon. Chun Ji-hoon is a lawyer, who irrespective of his masterclass skills, charges only 1000 won to become an advocate. The first trailer of the show explains Chun Ji-hoon's character vividly. He is seen offering to help a man who is attempting to commit suicide. However, Ji-hoon's way of handling cases is a bit different from most lawyers. The series also features Baek Ma-ri, who works as an intern under Ji-hoon. 


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'One Dollar Lawyer' gets its highest rating yet

'One Dollar Lawyer' has surpassed MBC'S 'The Golden Spoon' and tvN's 'Blind' to achieve this milestone. The K-drama recorded an average nationwide rating of 12.9% and a citywide rating of 13.5%. The double-digit ratings were recorded on September 30 right after the release of the third episode. This is a huge jump for the drama considering the first episode recorded 8.1% nationwide and 8.8% on a citywide level. 

Why is 'One Dollar Lawyer' a hit?

Now, 'One Dollar Lawyer' has all the ingredients to become the hit that it is. The drama features award-winning actor Namkoong Min as an unconventional lawyer with a bizarre way of finding out the truth. He is backed by Baek Ma-ri, who questions if there is anything to learn from her senior after all. However, once the story sets its pace, the duo's love-hate relationship turns out to be a treat to watch.

Many clips from the drama have been trending all over Twitter ever since its grand launch. And it cannot go without mentioning that most of the viral reels feature Chun Ji-hoon extensively gazing into Baek Ma-ri's eyes. Another scene from the show finds the unusual lawyer calling his intern pretty on a drunk night. Fans are also desperately waiting to know about Ji-hoon's backstory which has been kept under wrap as of now. The big revelation may not come soon as the show has 13 episodes yet to come. 'One Dollar Lawyer is also popular for turning an "emotional scene into a comic one".





Fans love the chemistry between Ji-hoon and Ma-ri

Right after Ji-hoon and Ma-ri were introduced to each other, a spark was quite evident on the screens. However, it is only Ji-hoon who is seen appreciating his intern. Meanwhile, Ma-ri is unaware of his feelings and only concentrates on the work and proving herself. But fans are certain that the colleagues will soon become a couple.

A fan tweeted, "Oh grandpa i can tell she already found that someone". Another fan shared stills from the series and wrote, "Not mari roasting jihun loll". Another posted, "They are so silly I swear.. I love them so much".




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