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5 WTF moments from 'Little Women' Episode 8 that have fans shocked

The K-drama 'Little Women' delivered an epic episode full of plot twists and fans are worried about what is in store in the final four episodes
UPDATED SEP 26, 2022
Fans expressed their shock after the events that go down in Episode 8 of 'Little Women' (tvN)
Fans expressed their shock after the events that go down in Episode 8 of 'Little Women' (tvN)

Content Warning: Spoiler Alert

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Kim Go-eun and Wi Ha-joon starrer 'Little Women' has seen sky-soaring ratings so far. Based on Louisa May-Alcott's famous American novel of the same name, the K-drama revolves around the lives of three sisters from the Oh family. The book has seen countless adaptations over the years and now the Korean version has aired eight of its 12 episodes, revealing some of the most chaotic plot twists one could imagine.

A lot of suspense has been built around the Netlfix and tvN show's premise. With 70 billion won ($50 million) on the line, the main character Oh In-joo (played by Kim Go-eun) struggles between powerplay in a world where she is poor and needs money dearly. Episode 8 of 'Little Women' aired on Sunday, September 25, and has hit a new all-time high in viewership. According to Nielsen Korea, the most recent episode of the mystery thriller scored an average nationwide rating of 8.7%, taking first place in its time slot. However, fans are talking the most about the insane plot twists that had them go 'WTF'.


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5 WTF Moments from Little Women Episode 8

Since the episode aired, fans have been talking about the chaos that ensued after Oh Hye-seok's death. With Sang-ha locked inside her room by her husband, Jae-sang, her daughter Hyo-rin wants to help her escape. Sang-ha sends In-joo to the orchid exhibition on her behalf and Do-il accompanies her there. Meanwhile, In-hye is aware that In-joo is in danger and that Jae-sang is possibly trying to kill her. In-kyung is now sure she wants to expose Jae-sang using the ledgers and hopes that Do-il's dad Hee-jae will help her. The army veteran is on a mission to kill Jae-sang in order to protect Do-il. Be warned as the following article contains a lot more spoilers from Episode 8 of 'Little Women'. 


1. In-kyung teams up with Choi Hee-jae

After learning about In-kyung and being attacked by Jae-sang's men, Hee-jae arrives to meet In-kyung. He tells the former reporter that he will join hands with her and help expose Park Jae-sang. Fans are shocked to see the two contrasting characters come together as one fan said, "I have a good feeling in this partnership."



2. In-hye learning who Hwa-young's murderer was 

After her chat with Jae-sang and Hyo-rin's subsequent panic attack, In-hye is curious about how Jae-sang knows everything. She goes to his office and learns that he has set up a camera in Sang-ha's bedroom. In-hye goes back to the date of Hwa-young's murder and learns something about the night that shocks her. As it turns out, Sang-ha was the one who murdered Hwa-young. One fan said, "I will never be an inhye hater, i trust her even though she can be a little annoying."




3. Sang-ha was the puppet master all along

The biggest shock of the night was when In-joo was waiting in the Singapore apartment for Hwa-young to show up. The person who shows up, however, is Sang-ha. She reveals that the entire journey of In-joo's life revolves around Sang-ha from the moment she set foot in the Wonryeong Group office. Sang-ha is the director of the play that has become In-Joo's life and she is controlling everyone around her. The people around In-joo were all actors, including Hwa-young who died in order to help her reach her full potential. 




4. Do-il swooning over In-joo

Over the last few episodes, fans have been on the fence as they were not sure if they could trust Do-il. However, episode 8 showed that some sort of romance can blossom between him and In-joo after his sweet gestures toward her despite the chaos around them. One fan said, "They about o be first couple in kdrama world who got crazy chemistry but people hesitating to ship cause of trust issues. LIKE PLS INJOO AMD DOIL LOOK SO HOT TOGETHER."




5. In-joo, her suitcase full of 70 billion won, and the gun

The final straw for many fans was the way the episode ended. In-joo is in the room waiting for Hwa-young but as it turns out, Sang-ha was the master manipulator all along. After learning that Sang-ha is going to kill In-joo just for the sake of her enjoyment, the latter asks to see the suitcase with 70 billion won in it. Sang-ha opens the suitcase and is shocked to learn that it had nothing but bricks inside. In-joo mocks Sang-ha and pulls out the gun Do-il gave her. With In-joo in power, fans are loving the maniac she became by the end of the episode. 



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