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Why did Chuu take Loona’s label Blockberry to court? Fans relieved: 'It's a good thing'

Rumors spread that Chuu 'suspended her contract' with Loona's label which had many fans wondering if she would also leave the K-pop group
UPDATED MAR 29, 2022
Chuu had been in over 15 shows in 2021 which took a toll on her health and she had to skip Loona's first offline concert in three years (@loonatheworld/Twitter)
Chuu had been in over 15 shows in 2021 which took a toll on her health and she had to skip Loona's first offline concert in three years (@loonatheworld/Twitter)

It is no secret that Chuu was the most overworked Loona member in 2021 as she had been in over 15 TV programs and events. It also took a toll on her health and she had to skip Loona’s first offline concert in three years. On March 29, Korean website WikiTree shared that she had taken their label Blockberry Creative to court. The English translation started making the rounds on social media and caused panic among fans as it was worded as Chuu was suspending her contract with the label. This led to many thinking she might leave the label and Loona.

According to WikiTree, Loona’s Chuu got a partial victory after applying for an injunction against Blockberry regarding her contract with them back in December 2021. However, Orbits (Loona’s fandom), who were fluent in Korean and English, took it upon themselves to go through the original report to assuage fans. The victory means that Chuu got the court to suspend a clause on her exclusive contract. Fans believe that this allows her to decide whether or not she wants to take up certain gigs.


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Loona’s Chuu changes contract

Loona fans who are better equipped with legal jargon further explained that it did not mean that Chuu was leaving the label. The change in her contract meant that the distribution rights would probably be more in her favor since she has been sought after and booked for several individual appearances. This news also follows the rumor in 2021 that Blockberry had gone bankrupt and hadn’t paid its staff in months.


Fans had been wondering if Chuu’s payments from her individual gigs were being used to get the label back on track. But whether the court’s decision went against the label’s liking, it was in December 2021 and since then, Chuu is still very much part of Loona and has been participating in all of their group promotions and appearances. All 12 members are currently participating in the K-pop survival show ‘Queendom 2’. However, some have noticed that the label has applied to trademark Chuu's name which means there could be something more serious going on between the two parties.

'No need to panic'

With the WikiTree article going viral, Orbits made tweets like, “I had a semi heart attack,” and “That mf company can't overwork her now HA!” One fan posted, “Guys this does not mean chuu will be leaving loona. IF this is true, it'll be more about resolving certain distribution logistics between her & the company. Because, let's face it, chuu is an up & coming star and her contract would need to reflect those needs.”




One Orbit was sure it was because of what happened in 2021, “To make it simple for you guys to understand: bbc can no longer force chuu to work, she has to decide by herself if she wants to do (individual) schedules. this is also good for her as we could all see she was being overworked in the past :( theres no need to panic. i get why you panicked and i did too but this is a good thing.”

One fan used the attention to get non-fans to help stream Loona’s performance in ‘Queendom 2’ and wrote, “Misleading headline to cause panic among orbit population, this video article explains it a lot better”



Another Orbit said, “It's completely valid for Chuu not wanting to be forced into accepting whatever schedules and gigs she is offered, especially since we don't even know what she's getting paid for it. She's clearly overworked. So BBC better comply and give her what she wants.” One added, "This headline is way too misleading,,, chuu filed a lawsuit against her own company and WON so now she has the freedom to choose her own schedule. GOOD FOR HER." But another was afraid, "On the KIPRIS website (for patents & trademarks registration in Korea), you can actually see that on 4 feb, bbc actually applied for a trademark of chuu’s name. seems weird that bbc is only applying a ™️ for chuu & no one else. is bbc tryna tie her down to the company longer?"




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