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'The Challenge' Season 38 on MTV: Why was Ashley Mitchell kicked out of Season 37 of reality series?

Nelson Thomas explained on an Instagram live about the 'terrible things' Ashley Mitchell told a fellow contestant
'The Challenge' star Ashley Mitchell was kicked out of Season 37 of the show due to certain statements she made against a fellow contestant  (Instagram/mtvashleybrooke)
'The Challenge' star Ashley Mitchell was kicked out of Season 37 of the show due to certain statements she made against a fellow contestant (Instagram/mtvashleybrooke)

'The Challenge' is MTV's reality competition show that is a spin-off of 'The Real World' and 'Road Rules'. The show features alumni from various reality shows including 'Ex on the Beach', 'Are You the One?' and other non-MTV shows as well. These contestants compete with each other and go through various challenges that ultimately lead to eliminations. The one who survives all odds wins a cash prize and the championship title.

'The Challenge' Season 38 is almost here. Well, fans wonder whether the new season will have some shocking elements like the previous one. In the Season 37's episode 'Spies, Lies & Allies', we saw Ashley Mitchell being kicked out of the show. Before the elimination challenge, host TJ Lavin announced in the show that Ashley was disqualified from the show as she broke one of the rules. However, Ashley's departure was not shown and instead was brought to the viewers as a surprise. Keep reading to explore why she left 'The Challenge'.


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Why did Ashley Mitchell leave 'The Challenge'?

In the 'Mavericks' week episode, two-time champion Ashely was conspicuously absent. Her winning team, the 'Sapphire Cell' was meant to vote a player into elimination. Host Lavin later explained to the remaining contestants about Ashley's whereabouts claiming that she was "deactivated" from the show because of breaking a rule. However, the host did not elaborate about her appearance and moved on with the show. Well, the vague explanation left contestants as well as the fans keep wondering what rule she broke.

What rule did Ashley break?

Even though the show didn't cast light on what rule Ashley broke, there are various speculations and theories on the internet. According to Screenrant, Nelson Thomas explained on Instagram live that Ashley and Josh Martinez got into a fight in the show that led Ashley to say some "terrible things" to him. However, Thomas did not give details of the fight. As per reports, Ashley lashed out about Josh's sexual orientation claiming that he was gay and everyone knew about it. Even though there is speculation on the internet about Josh allegedly being gay but he has neither confirmed nor denied any such thing. According to one of the rules of 'The Challenge', the cast members cannot make such comments about each other. Well, the matter went to the production team and it ultimately led to Ashley being booted off the show.

Ashley later addressed her elimination through one of her cryptic tweets. She wrote, "Rules are rules and I respect @mtv and TJs call. The best apology is changed behavior. See you next time @challenge." 


Well, Ashley is not the first person to have been kicked out of the show. Previously, MTV edited Dee Nguyen out of the show because of her insensitive comments on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Moreover, the show also cut her controversial part so as not to create a controversy. As with Ashley, it seems that there are hints that she might return to the show somewhere in the future. Let us further wait to see that.

'The Challenge: Rise or Dies' is scheduled to air on October 2 at 8 pm ET.