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How is CBS's 'The Challenge: USA' different from MTV's version of the show?

The original MTV series is given a new spin in 'The Challenge: USA'
'The Challenge: USA' and 'The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies' (Instagram/thechallenge/IMDb)
'The Challenge: USA' and 'The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies' (Instagram/thechallenge/IMDb)

MTV's 'The Challenge' has been on the air for ages. While it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, CBS has already revealed plans about 'The Challenge: USA,' a spinoff series that is identical to the original but with a few major differences.

On July 6, CBS will premiere the new reality competition show 'The Challenge: USA,' and host TJ Lavin unveiled the format and rules for the series in an early preview of the opening three minutes of the show. Some of the toughest and most iconic contestants from 'Love Island,' 'The Amazing Race,' 'Big Brother,' and 'Survivor' appear on the show. For decades, MTV's 'The Challenge' offered distinct themes and gameplay that changed seasonally. Some seasons had challengers compete single, while others saw them put up with a partner, and the game has been played in a variety of ways each season. 'The Challenge: USA,' on the other hand, is a completely another critter.


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How are the cast members chosen for the show?

The new series, as the title indicates, features competitors from the United States rather than reality shows from other countries. Recent seasons of MTV's 'The Challenge' featured contestants from not just American reality shows like 'The Real World' and 'Big Brother,' but also from the United Kingdom and Africa. This time, producers are seeking the top players in America.

MTV's reality phenomenon has thrown all sorts of twists and turns at its ensemble over the course of 37 seasons, including a variety of locations, themes, and matches. The casts are made up of participants from one of 'The Challenge's associated TV shows as well as previously unknown participants in a few seasons. The cast often includes both "veterans" (or vets) and "rookies." The MTV show creators choose candidates from other reality TV franchises and international shows to increase the number of eyes on 'The Challenge' not just in the United States, but globally. Their whole game plan is around becoming a worldwide Challenge in which people from all around the world compete in an Olympics-style event. Whereas the CBS version has all of the known stars from reality television in the United States.

What is the amount the contestants receive in each version of the show?

While the players of MTV's competition series have been remarkably quiet about their remuneration, a source verified to Us Weekly that rookies receive a $1,000 weekly stipend and returning participants who aren't top vets receive between $3,000 and $5,000. TJ detailed the structure for the US edition in the sneak peek, adding that to begin, he will give each player "a little seed money" in their personal Challenge accounts. Each person begins with $1,000. Nevertheless, that is insufficient to go to the final, which is the sole goal. The 'The Challenge: USA' players must have $5,000 in their personal Challenge accounts to advance to the final. The money can be earned in two ways: by winning a challenge or by winning an elimination. At the end of the season, one individual will be awarded the $500,000 big prize and the title of Challenge Champion, which is the same amount awarded to participants on the MTV version of the show. In addition to the prize money, the winning contestants from each season will compete for a position in the first-ever worldwide, global Challenge event, which will be broadcast exclusively on Paramount+.


How are the teams chosen for the competition?

'The Challenge' season's cast members are generally separated into distinct teams or pairs based on a set of criteria that vary from season to season. Teams have been formed based on a variety of criteria, including gender, the competitors' initial show, heroic/villainous standing, and contestants' ex-romantic partners. Each opposing team competes in a variety of missions to gain rewards and advance in the main game. After each mission, a team or a cast member is put into an elimination round to face off against the assignment's least successful team, or the top team gets to pick a team for eviction to face off against another team decided by other conditions. They must battle against one another in elimination rounds to see who will be ousted from the season. Each season has its own, separate elimination round, which differs from the others in title, design, and overall mood. Since the show's players are in charge of who is placed into elimination rounds, deciding which two teams or two cast individuals are sent into the episode's elimination round sometimes leads to controversy and foul games.

The difference between 'The Challenge: USA' and the original series is that each challenge has two new teams. So, if one person is from an alliance and their new teammate is from another, they will still be required to work together. It will shake things up and create a game in which everyone is pitted against each other, with alliances breaking left and right.


Additional changes from the OG series

Much of the cast of 'The Challenge: USA' comes from CBS reality shows, which makes sense given that the 'The Challenge' spinoff airs on CBS instead of MTV. T.J. Lavin, the long-running host of 'The Challenge,' will anchor the CBS spinoff. While the series is identical to the original, this is the first time 'The Challenge' will be on network television rather than cable, which is a significant achievement. 'The Challenge: USA' is a reality competition television fan's fantasy, bringing together renowned players from their favorite shows to see how they compare. This show will be unlike anything else the players have ever seen.

Beginning July 6, 2022, 'The Challenge: USA' will air on CBS at 9:30 pm EST on Wednesdays.