'The Challenge: Double Agents' Winners Full List: Who will win the final round? The names will shock you

CT and Amber made their mark and were one of the better pairs in the competition

                            'The Challenge: Double Agents' Winners Full List: Who will win the final round? The names will shock you
Amber Borzotra, Chris Tamburello from 'The Challenge: Double Agents' (MTV)

Spoilers for 'The Challenge: Double Agents'

After weeks of strategizing, competing, injuring themselves, the agents on 'The Challenge: Double Agents' are ready to call it a day. It's been a grueling few weeks as it has been for the contestants who stopped at nothing to ensure that the viewers were entertained. From dramatic friendships to intense nail-biting task finishes and controversial eliminations, this season was complete fireworks.

'Double Agents' was filmed in 2020, which meant those with excellent sleuthing skills are aware of who the Season 36 winners are? According to a Fandom report, Amber Borzotra and Chris 'CT' Tamburello walk away with the $1 million cash prize, while Cory Wharton and Kam Williams place second. Leroy Garett finished his final season third alongside Nany Gonzalez with Fessy Shafaat and Kaycee Clark right behind them. 


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Chris 'CT' Tamburello (Getty Images)

Both CT and Amber have been consistently winning and making their mark on the show. They have been backstabbed and thrown into the crater to defend their gold skulls and prove that they won't be backing down come what may.

Cory, after being benched most of the season, took up every opportunity he was given and proved himself why he was worthy of running a final. Same with Nany - she was determined and never let anything get in the way, not even best friend Aneesa Ferreira's tears. Aneesa knew if Nany won an elimination, she would infiltrate and steal the former's partner, Fessy.

Fessy Shafaat (MTV)

Most got a fair shot at proving themselves in the finals except for Kaycee, who suffered a knee injury that took a lot out of her even after the show was over. On November 30, 2020, she took to Instagram to share a motivational post that was directed towards the recovery process. Although she didn't mention what caused her to walk with support, now it's evident.

"When life throws you challenges all you can do is accept it, smile, and move forward. No time for a pity party over here! It’s inevitable that we will all go through ups and downs there is no way of escaping them. Learn to embrace the journey," she posted and continued: "Where I’m at now is all a part of my life story and I’ve learned to have the right attitude even if it was something I wasn’t expecting. I know there is nothing but growth coming from this devastating injury. Getting through this takes a lot of mind strength and I’m here for it."

For those expecting the show to return, Season 37 is in the works. However, the network is taking its time to confirm the details of it.