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Why did Ariana Grande deactivate Twitter? Fans blame trolls for sudden decision

"This account doesn't exist. Try searching for another," her official account reads as of Friday, December 24.
UPDATED DEC 24, 2021
Ariana Grande has deactivated her Twitter account (Instagram)
Ariana Grande has deactivated her Twitter account (Instagram)

Earlier this month, Ariana Grande deleted a set of photos from her Instagram after fans and trolls accused her of 'Asianfishing'. The 'Sweetener' creator was accused and criticized for appropriating Asian culture after sharing photos from an Instagram photoshoot. Her skin appeared lighter in the photos courtesy of the use of certain filters, same with her hair color that appeared deeper, and her eyebrows that looked more arched than usual. People flocked to social media to share their dismay over the photos and shortly after the 'Thank U Next' hitmaker deleted them from her feed. However, the hate comments did not stop, especially on Twitter, weeks after they were taken down and as of December 23 her account stands deactivated. 

"This account doesn't exist. Try searching for another," the message on her official Twitter account read. Her verified username still appears on Twitter which means her account is not deleted, just deactivated, according to PopCrush. This could mean anything - one possibility could be her taking a break from social media and another theory that is highly popular among fans is a new Grande album. This has to do with the fact that she has taken a hiatus from social media in the past before the release of her albums. Her new film 'Don't Look Up' has just started streaming on Netflix. The movie features bigwigs including Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Grande portrays the character of Riley Bina, a pop superstar who recently broke up with her megastar ex-boyfriend DJ Chello portrayed by Kid Cudi. 


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Oli London comes to Ariana Grande's support amid Asianfishing accusations

Canceled K-pop singer Oli London who is famous for altering his looks to appear like his favorite singers including NCT's Taeyong has come to Grande's rescue. "Ariana Grande is gone from Twitter (unless she blocked me?) this is probably because so many trolls bullied her after she debuted her cute new Asian look and identity. I really hope she comes back. I support you Ari I’m your Korean Ariantor fan #ArianaGrande," he tweeted. "I hope the dumb bitches who harassed Ariana Grande into deleting her Twitter account are happy now. I hope they'll get their asses off Twitter and do something better with their useless lives instead of pitting false shit into celebrities just bc they feel like to," tweeted another fan. "@arianagrande I'm so sorry people scared u off twitter, U don’t deserve to be treated like that Love U Ariana," tweeted a third.

"Its honestly sad how yall “Arinators” make anything up just to cancel @arianagrande
she will never be Asian nor was she trying to be Asian. she did a little harmless look that she did and she had no intention of trying to look Asian or be Asian yall make anything up just to can," tweeted a fourth. "Lately I've seen a lot of unjustified hatred towards Ariana, by God she hasn't changed any aspect of her life, haters are shit just to see you down, I'm with you, you're a goddess #iloveyou #ArianaGrande," a fifth tweeted.