Did Cardi B delete Twitter account? Singer slammed for taking Offset back as Internet calls her 'problematic'

Fans could not stop hounding Cardi and slamming her for patching up with husband Offset, which is probably why the rapper has now deactivated her Twitter on October 17

                            Did Cardi B delete Twitter account? Singer slammed for taking Offset back as Internet calls her 'problematic'
Offset and Cardi B (Getty Images)

Cardi B took to Instagram to announce something huge on the night of Wednesday, October 14. She reportedly announced on a live video that she was back together with her estranged husband Offset. Reportedly, she had filed for divorce on September 15 in Georgia. The two married in secret on September 20, 2017.

Cardi B’s explanation for not going ahead with the divorce, however, did not go down well with her fans who seem to think that she is disrespecting herself by getting back with a man who has not treated her well in the past. Her social media accounts were bombarded by comments from fans who felt that she should not defend the Migos rapper. However, the unapologetic Cardi lashed out at her fans three days ago on October 15 as she defended her relationship saying “I have a choice. When I get tired of the d*** I'll leave.”

‘A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m motherf****n’ Ariana Grande or something like I came from Disney or something,’ she fumed later on. 

Cardi B and Offset attend the Pre-GRAMMY Gala and GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons Honoring Sean "Diddy" Combs on January 25, 2020 in Beverly Hills, California.(Getty Images)

That warning from the 'Bodak Yellow' singer went unheeded as more comments continued to drop in, especially after the Ariana diss and could be the reason why the rapper has now deactivated her Twitter on October 17.

A user wrote after she deactivated her account, “Not her disabling her Twitter. Cardi needs to stay off the internet if she can’t deal with the negativity that comes with being famous.” The user continued, "Dissing other artists isn’t cute. she shouldn’t have bring ariana into this. she’s always getting herself into drama. she’s problematic." Another wrote, "My problem with Cardi B is she sharing everything that happens in her relationship.... Look Twitter ain't gonna help you fix any shit If there is a problem work it out with your partner period don't give these haters a chance to get into your business, I mean your personal life."




‘I will look for my name, and it’s like hate tweets’

Cardi B has felt pressured but has come out resilient. In June 2019 Cardi pleaded not guilty to charges in a New York Strip club fight. In this case, the rapper reportedly got into a brawl with two of the club’s female bartenders where she had accused one of them of having an affair with her husband, Offset, as per Reuters

Cardi B attends Rihanna's 5th Annual Diamond Ball at Cipriani Wall Street on September 12, 2019 in New York City.(Getty Images)

The incident got widespread coverage and exasperated Cardi B. “This whole year has just been a lot for me.” She added, “I will look for my name on Twitter, and it’s like hate tweets, hate tweets, hate tweets,” she reportedly told Vogue. The site reported how she found solace in the warmth of her large family and in her grandmother's home as her New Jersey home became an incubator for worry. “When I’m there(her apartment) by myself, a lot of thoughts go to my head.” She added, “it just overwhelms me, puts me on social media, and that drives me insane. So I just like to be where there’s a lot of people so I won’t be watching my phone.” 

Cardi B onstage during the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on August 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey.(Getty Images)

Cardi got lambasted by Twitter again when she divorced Offset in 2018 and again patched up in 2019. When “I decided to stay with him and work together with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; a lot of women felt disappointed in me,” Cardi told Vogue. “But it’s real-life shit. If you love somebody and you stop being with them, and you’re depressed and social media is telling you not to talk to that person because he cheated, you’re not really happy on the inside until you have the conversation.”
It seems history is repeating itself as Cardi B is being slammed again by the Internet for patching up with Offset and exercising her choice. This has presumably led to her deactivating her Twitter account. 

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